2 Million Users And Counting: Mygola (Where Tech Meets Travel)

  • October 21, 2013

Three years ago Anshuman Bapna, a former member of Google’s Strategic Partnerships team decided to form a team of his own. His new company was a convergence of eclectic talent that happened to be united by two things – an “addiction” to travel and an undeniable urge to be superheroes. I’m not sure…

More – Inspiration For Travelers

  • February 29, 2012

FathomAway.comA site that went live in Spring 2011, FathomAway is a must-visit for people who take their traveling serious. This website features in-depth coverage of destinations the world over, by way of articles, photo galleries and videos that can but give you an impeccable understanding of any place that’s reviewed.

And also includes a series of guides that cover different aspects of the travel experience. These guides are called “Postcards”, and they are categorized around a common “I travel for the…” theme. You can complete that sentence in ten different ways: “Chill”, “Culture”, “Food”, “Good”, Kids”, “Romance”, “Scenery”, “Quirk”, “Stuff” and “Thrill”. You can easily find all the hotels, restaurants and shops that fall within each theme, and a point is made to take all different price points into account.

The site also features itineraries for all kind of travelers: first-time travelers, businessmen, people who go somewhere just for the day… And knowledge about money, taxis and tips is provided on the many “Cheat Sheets” that are featured on the site. Every major destination has got one. And it goes without saying that they’re frequently updated.

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More – Organize Your Trip

  • January 25, 2012

Wipolo.comWhen you’re traveling abroad, finding the time to write emails and share all that you’re doing with your friends and family back home can be difficult. It’s not that you don’t want to do it, it’s just that you can’t find the time. Those who are waiting for you at home will only get to listen to the full story when you’re back. But that should change if this new service manages to become widely-adopted.

Wipolo is a new application that automates how travel information is gathered and shared. This online tool can look at all your receipts and use them to put together the details of your trip. By looking at the flights and trains you’ve taken, the hotels you’ve stayed in and the cars you’ve rented Wipolo can create an itinerary that showcases all the places you’ve been to. And by sharing this itinerary with your friends, they’ll get to see what you’re doing and the places you’re visiting. It won’t tell them how much you’re enjoying each individual experience, just that you’ve done it. But it’s going to give them a very good idea of your whereabouts. And in any case, something like a stay at the Ritz could hardly be an experience you didn’t enjoy.

To use Wipolo, you have to sign in with your Facebook account and then forward all the confirmation emails you get from the travel agents, venues and merchants you interact with during your trip. Wipolo is intelligent-enough to read all of these, and get the information it needs from each.

And when the trip’s over and you’ve come back home, the itineraries created by Wipolo will let you review the trip with your friends and loved ones a lot easier.

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More – Buy Tour Itineraries

  • November 28, 2011

Unanchor.comResearching travel destinations isn’t for everybody. Doing that is actually the last thing in the minds of people who just want to get away somewhere for the weekend. And that’s the kind of people a site like is targeting. Unanchor is an online marketplace for self-guided tour itineraries. These are itineraries that show you the best places to go and visit in any city you’re holidaying at. They come with specific direction from going to one sight to the next, and also with advice and tips from local experts. The idea is to let you save money on transport, while also letting you enjoy your stay somewhere to the full.

And the site doesn’t sell one-size-fits-all guides. It’s exactly the opposite, as the itineraries you can buy are actually created taking your tastes and interests into account. You can select the kind of activities that you enjoy best, and you’ll get a unique itinerary based on nothing but that.

Unanchor has already got itinerary writers in the four corners of the world, and with most tours priced at under $10, the site’s more than likely to let you put a good vacation together. And in case you feel like creating itineraries for others (and earning some money in the process), then you can do that by following this link.

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More – Plan Your Next Trip

  • August 19, 2011

Tripomatic.comPlanning a trip nowadays is a cinch. What? Don’t believe it? Well, just set your browser to this site and see all that it lets you get done in just a little while. Tripomatic is a new trip planning resource that will let you put together personalized holidays and create well-arranged itineraries in just a couple of clicks. It is all done using a simple interface and an intuitive map for specifying where it is you want to go, and for discovering exciting things to do altogether. The idea is to let you assemble an itinerary stop by stop, and once you are done to let you have it downloaded and printed, so that you can take it with you the day you set off.

In any case, it is important to mention that all the trips others have already created can be accessed. And if you come across something that looks particularly superb, then you can proceed to download it and print it, just as if you had created it yourself.

Tripomatic is a site that can be used for free. None of the services mentioned above come at a cost. And the site is quite excellent as it stands. But just in case you feel like looking around for other options, then you might as well try any of the following services: AnyTrip, GoPlanIt and TripWiser.

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More – Plan Trips The Social Way

  • July 8, 2011

TripHuddle.comThe world is social nowadays, and planning a trip could not stay aloof from the phenomenon for too long. The release of specialized platforms like TripHuddle does nothing but underline such a fact. And I am sure you can more or less guess at what features a platform of this nature actually comes with, but I encourage you to read on and see if there is something that comes across as surprising.

The core functionality of the service is sharing your plans with every person you want to. You will be able to tell your friends/acquaintances about where you intend to go, and ask them for an opinion. People who have been where you intend to go will tell you how rightly or wrongly you are planning everything, and point you in the direction you should be headed. And if you are going to travel with more people, then you all will be able to collaborate through the site and build the definitive itinerary together. Once that has been done, this itinerary is going to become accessible by all of you.

It is all pretty logical, wouldn’t you say? And it is all incredibly useful, too. If you intend to travel anywhere sometime soon (or if you know someone who will), keep this site in mind. After all, it can be used for free.

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More – Shared Itineraries For Travelers

  • June 27, 2011

SpotWorld.comA new social site that makes traveling a lot of fun, SpotWorld lets people who are headed for an specific destination know about cool things to do there by looking at what other people who have already been there have to recommend. Users of are enabled to create and share itineraries that can then be viewed by absolutely everybody, and highlight the best spots they have come across when holidaying anywhere.

Of course, not everybody is finding a service like this one indispensable. To some, enjoying a vacation implies going to the kind of places everybody goes. And there is nothing wrong with that, really. But there are many people who are partial to the kind of places only locals know most of all. Well, these are the ones who will enjoy SpotWorld most. And in any case, I am inclined to think that people who fall into the former category could also find SpotWorld useful when they are visiting the same place for the second time. What better way to find cool things to do there than by giving this site a try?

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More – Share The Best Places In Your City

  • June 10, 2011

CityFootprints.comWould you say that you know the city you live in like the palm of your hand? Because if you do and you feel like sharing that knowledge with the rest of the world then this site is all you will ever need. CityFootprints will let you create and share minute itineraries with just anybody. Tourists are obviously the ones who spring to mind more quickly, but the truth is that other locals are also going to find a platform like this fulfilling. I mean, just think about it. How many people are there that are oblivious to entire parts of the cities they live in, and who are really looking for a change of scene? Such people often think that the only thing they could do is to take a trip abroad, when in actuality all the fun and excitement they are after can be found just across town. Well, this web service will let them figure that out.

On itineraries are created by authenticating who you are via Facebook. And they are assigned a category each: Family, Outdoors, Nightlife, Romantic, Relax, Education? there will surely be something for everybody in here.

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More – Book Private Jets

  • March 1, 2011

FlyRuby.comNow you can pretend you are living it really large, and book a private jet to travel like never before. That is what this new site is here for. It goes by the name of Fly Ruby, and it will let you search, compare, and book private air charters online.

Finding a flight through Fly Ruby is as easy as submitting your intended itinerary for all the available private jets to be brought into your consideration. You will be able to filter results both by performance and by cost, and once you have found one jet that seems to meet both criteria then you will be allowed to book it right away. And once the booking has been made, you will be able to modify the itinerary afterwards in the event there is a change of plans.

When launching a search through Fly Ruby you can look up flights for up to 14 passengers at the same time. And you can set the hourly rate you can afford using a slider which can go all the way to $ 8000. Living it large indeed…

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More – Plan Your Next Travel

  • July 30, 2010

HelloTravel.comAre you concerned about travel and tourism? Do you want to find an online travel planner? Then, the official website of Hello Travel can be of your interest. is one of the largest travel website and was created to help people do their vacation planning. Moreover, this site features information on everything regarding around the world trips and also US travel.

In addition, is visited by those who are looking for smart ideas when it comes to planning holidays online. This website can provide you data about United States trips, Morocco travel and Europe travel solutions, as well as a London transport route planner. What is more, the site will help you design a travel route and offers online travel insurance, as well as airline tickets and bus tickets online.

In conclusion, if you are looking for information on world wide travel, you will find a good site to visit.

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More – The Perfect Way To Do Tourism

  • July 7, 2010

TouristEye.comTourist Eye is a new and inexpensive tool that will let you create a travel guide and not only access it on your mobile from wherever you are, but also share it with your friends. That is useful if you want them to join you at any part of the itinerary once you have set off, and also to give you their own suggestions before you have started the trip itself.

As it was only to be expected, all five continents are supported and you can pick your intended destination (or discover one) by clicking on the world map that is featured on the main page. And the best destinations that are available (or the most popular ones at least) are individualized right besides that map for you to learn about places that might never cross your mind otherwise, and that might provide you with an experience of a lifetime.

The site is absolutely free to join and use, it is available in English and in Spanish, and both iPhone and Android apps can be instantly procured through it.

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More – An Easy Way To Plan Itineraries

  • June 21, 2010

Citynerary.comBoth the ones who love traveling and those who have never really set off anywhere are going to find a website like Citynerary interesting. The site brings together itineraries for city trips, and more than 300 locations the world over are already included on the existing database.

These are submitted by users, and they all have a rating so that finding the right one should not be that difficult. The best-rated ones are actually highlighted on the main page, and so are the most visited places from the ones which are featured.

Each itinerary always includes the overall cost of the activities that it lists along with the time it would take to carry these out from start to finish, and the distance that is going to be traveled (in km). If you couple that with the Google Map that is provided, I think it is fair to say that you will quickly realize if such an itinerary is suitable for you and for those who are going to be with you, like your family or your friends.

That is why I said at the beginning that this site would be interesting both to people who are used to travelling and to the ones who haven’t done it before: the former will find new ways to enjoy these places that they might already know, whereas the latter will know exactly what to expect if they (finally) decide to see the world, and be safe in the knowledge they are not running into complications that could be avoided.

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More – Creating The Perfect Itinerary

  • February 11, 2010

Tripsourcing.comTripsourcing stands as a web tool that will let you build up and manage a trip diary, as well as finding out which places are the ones that make locals truly proud so that you won’t miss them accidentally. There is nothing more disheartening than coming back from a foreign excursion to be asked “Oh! What did you think about (insert endemic attraction here)?”.

The only thing to do in those cases is go red as a tomato and change the subject as fast as possible.

This site aims to let you avoid blushing to begin with and being able to reply “Yes, I was there and then there” as itineraries are posted on the site, and they are actually broken down into categories like “Honeymoon”, “Beach fun” and “Holiday”.

One of the main merits of the site is that by joining it you are actually joining a real time itinerary planning community. The information you will procure here comes from locals and people who have spend all their lives in the concerned places. And local travel agencies have the chance to assist travelers directly through the site. A true business ecosystem is thus created.

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More – Manage Your Time

  • July 6, 2009

WorldMate.comThis site has information about a very interesting solution that will be no doubts about it, very appealing to many users. WorldMate was created for anyone that uses smartphones in order to provide them with many convenient services regarding Itineraries and flight info, in addition to maps, as well as weather info and many other interesting things.

In case you are planning to travel to another city or country you will have the chance to be benefited with the services of a ground-breaking solution that gives you all the information you need to known about right on your phone.

It is always useful to be able to receive flight status and alerts, as well as flight schedules, and this is a solution that will give them to you in a simple and fast way.

The way this tool works is very simple and you just need to send your travel plans through the site and the system will create your itinerary. This is an automatic link between the website and mobile device.

You will not have to worry anymore about using obsolete service guides because this system will help you out with important itinerary updates, maps and directions. In this way you can get to your hotel and meetings, in an effective way without wasting your valuable time.

The system manages your full itinerary and helps you with anything related to your travel. Learn more about this service at

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TrippedOff.Com – Real Travel Experiences

  • February 3, 2009 goal is to put a social networking and the travel arena together.

The site was created with the intention of giving users the opportunity to report all their experiences on this site.

So they can recommend things to do at as many places as you might be thinking about. No matter what place in the world you might be at, this is a useful website to take a look at. You can enter to the site, click on the place you want to now about, and you will receive the information you are looking for, along with very useful tips.

Feel free of sharing your traveling stories with all the member of this novel community, and experience the excitement of learning about the world.

You will be able to take a look to the best, as well as the most convenient restaurants, hotels or many other places you will find at the different places you are planning to go. You can also connect to other members, communicate with each them and add them as friends. has been created to fill that gap, with experiences, ideas and articles contributed by real travelers in the community.


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More – Tours Around The World

  • April 17, 2008 offers a wide variety of educational tours around the world.

Joined by tour experts you can travel to the destination you choose from, where you will sample local flavors, create friendships, maximize time and spend it in the places of most interest. This site has an easy way of selecting where you would like to go. You can choose by continent or by type of tour; land-based, cruises, train, privet jet, family programs, etc. Once you choose your destination you will have a detailed list of the itinerary, information on your leader, a tour map, the accommodations, and everything you need to know. You can book your tour online by selecting the departure date and the number and information of the people that will be traveling with you. Also you will need payment information to submit your booking. Apart from educational tours this site also offers free catalogs, and email newsletters to keep you updated on the latest tours and news.

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More – The Affordable Cruise Of You

  • April 15, 2008

Carnivalcruiseline.comCARNIVAL CRUISE LINE is one of the most popular companies in the cruise line business. Their website offers complete itineraries, information about onboard facilities, and the possibility to book your cruises online.

You can find your desired cruise by date, itinerary, length, and departure port. After you choose your ship and destination, you can also browse through available shore excursions at the different ports. The site also features a Carnival-logo gift shop. Their specials` section offers cruises from as low as 250 dollars. If you would like to join their staff, they also feature a jobs` section with onboard vacancy listings. If you are traveling abroad, their international section gives you all the necessary information on required visas, vaccination, etc. The Onboard Experience section has information on all kinds of onboard activities and entertainment. In order to book and purchase cruises, you need to sign up for an account.

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More – Track Your Trips

  • March 2, 2008 is a new photoblog cum Google maps service.

The idea is that you use it to map your trips, and upload images of the places where you’ve been using the maps, so that whenever someone points to a place in the map, they get to see all the pictures that other users have associated with that particular location. Users also keep a blog commenting on their experiences and photos, so that they are not just random shots but can be better understood; however, be warned that the site is a German startup, which means that for the time being lots of the comments and blog posts are in German because that seems to be the largest audience the site has. supports both photos and videos, but these have to be embedded in the site and not directly uploaded; they have plans to allow audio files in the future too.

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More – All About Las Vegas

  • November 18, 2007

There’s no denying that the city of Las Vegas is one of the most thrilling destinations in the US, and if you’ve always wanted to go there but you have never done so then this site is for you. delivers exactly what its name suggests: all the information you could need for planning a trip to the gambling capital of the world, and enjoying it from beginning to end.

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More – New Smyrna Beach Visitors

  • October 15, 2007

New Smyrna Beach is one of the most paradisiacal spots in the whole of the United States. Located in Volusia County (Florida), the beach sees an incredible amount of surf events and competitions all through the year, and the city has got a renowned arts center that congregates some of the brightest stars from the South-Eastern US. And on, you can learn just about everything about the activities that take place on New Smyrna Beach every month.

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