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More – Social Bookmarking For IT Events

  • January 28, 2009

MyContags.comA social bookmarking site that is solely focused on IT events and conferences, MyContags is there to ensure that tech savvy individuals and entrepreneurs are never shortchanged when it comes to information that could appeal to them. In true social bookmarking style, users can not only submit information and tag it, but also vote on it and make it stand out from the pack.

Furthermore, an events timeline is featured for you to see the way that things are shaping up in the local and regional scene at a mere glance.

A nice touch is that a mapplet is included for the embedding of information on Google Maps. This way, event photos and podcasts can be accessed and duly digested alongside speaker presentations.

The site has been around for some time now, and it already has a dedicated following. In practice, this means that there is a considerable amount of items to browse through, and that if you are looking for the latest scoops you might as well find them right here.

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