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Things To Consider Before You Build A Mobile App

Things To Consider Before You Build A Mobile App

If you are a developer and you design the right mobile app you can increase your bank account by a substantial amount. The problem is there are literally hundreds of thousands of applications available in the market place. To stand out from this crowd your app has to deliver on the functionality it promises without any bugs. If you are not a developer there are many app developing tools you can use to create what you need for your...

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Coming up with an iPhone app is something that has been democratized as of late. I have seen more than a handful of websites that let you come up with one such app without being a programmer at all. And that is exactly what this site does. Essentially, it will let you take your RSS feed and turn it into something which is dynamically accessible on your iPhone. Granted, this has its limitations, but as far as interacting with your...

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