iPap.me – For The Paparazzi In Everybody

  • April 30, 2010

iPap.meiPap is a networking site that is built around a simple premise: people who spot a celebrity let everybody else know about it. In that way, those who are nearby can head to the place and have a good peek for themselves.

Updates are actually placed on a map, as it only makes sense. That is far more immediate than typing down an address. Plus, not everybody knows every nook and cranny in a city. They might not know where a specific location is, but seeing it in a map will let them make an instant association. Maybe the place is just three blocks away and they would never know by merely glancing at its name.

It goes without saying that one of the biggest incentives that the site has for users is actually becoming the top celebrity spotter. The site actually ranks both the all-time iPappers along with the ones that are being active the most in the current week. And a list of the most iPapped celebrities is likewise featured on the main page for further reference.

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