More – Create Events With Your Mobile

  • October 28, 2011

Doweet.comCreating events using your mobile and inviting all your Facebook friends to them is easy when you’re using an app like Doweet. Available at the App Store for free (download link), Doweet lets you create events that can be as wildly different as a birthday party and a game of soccer on the park, and have all your friends on Facebook invited to them. And this can be done both individually and collectively – Doweet lets you group friends together, so that big events can be handled a lot more smoothly.

Each and every event that’s created is called a “doweet”, and if a friend creates one to which you’re invited then you’ll get a direct notification. In all cases, Doweets can be commented by all the people who’ve been invited to them.

And note that a web version of the service is also available, and it lets you get pretty much the same job done straight from your desktop. If you can live with not taking out your flashy new iPhone and having all the people who are near looking at it from the corners of their eyes, it’ll do more than fine.

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More – Add Evites To Your Church Website

  • July 11, 2011

ChurchInviter.comSome say one of the most negative aspects of the Internet is how it robs people of time they could actually be devoting to more purposeful tasks. That is something which can be argued for hours on end, and we would still be light years from arriving at any sort of satisfactory conclusion. But I can show you some middle ground right now. I can show you how technology and tradition can actually be put to the service of each other. This site is a really clear example of that.

Named ChurchInviter, it basically lets Churches create evites and have them delivered to all the people within their local communities in order to encourage them to actually come to the Church and become involved in its activities. The way this service works, these evites come complete with images and a detailed description of what is going to be done at the Church on any given day.

This website is remarkable not only because it provides a novel service, it also stands out for the reason that accounts come at no cost. You can sign up for free right now, and start seeing how all that has been just described translates into practice.

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More – Real Time Conversations

  • January 19, 2011

Bleetbox.comBleetbox lets anybody add a true social layer to the Internet, and chat with others about the sites that he is visiting. Users or this chat application are enabled to recommend sites that they have discovered to their friends and/or colleagues, and they can keep everything as public or private as they want. The users themselves are the ones deciding who is seeing (and taking part) of their conversations.

People can be invited to join a chat by email, and also by posting a link to either Facebook or Twitter. And public chats can be joined by just anybody who sees them, and finds what is being discussed interesting.

This new chat application can be activated in several ways – using a web interface, using a bookmarklet… Personally, I find the provided bookmarklets the most practical option. But I understand that people will probably use the web interface for testing purposes. This works by having people submit the URL of the site that they want to chat about for Bleetbox to be launched.

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More – Watch YouTube Videos With Friends

  • December 23, 2010

Surf2gether.comSimply put, Surf2gether will let you pick a single YouTube video and have it watched simultaneously with lots of people. This is accomplished by creating a room to which you can invite all your friends, and once they all are there you can let the show begin.

These rooms are built at no cost, and the creation process involves little more than picking your username for the room to become operational. After a short wait, the room will be created with you as the one and only person in it. You can then proceed to use the large green button that reads Invite Friends in order to start drafting people in.

The site is quite usable as it stands, but (as far as design goes) it could be more polished. Still, it is easy to see that teachers who want to impart video lessons in a setting which is free from distractions will take a liking to this platform. After all, it can be used for free, and without even having to sign up for an account at that.

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More – Word Of Mouth Is Now Simpler Than Ever

  • November 15, 2010

InviteBox.comThe Social Web has redefined the way in which people interact with each other using computers, and it has also revitalized the concept of word of mouth marketing. The site under review right now proves it like little else.

Invite Box will let you add a tell-a-friend widget to your existing online store or site. Those who sign in via their Facebook, Twitter or Gmail accounts are enabled to tell their friends about the products that are listed on your store, and earn instant rewards for doing so. Everybody wins. They become participants of the rewards system provided by Invite Box, and your site receives a healthy influx of visitors.

The implementation of Invite Box is as simple as choosing the domain you want the widget to be added to, individualize the pertinent social sites that you want it to support, and then paste the code that is generated. And while the service is a paid one, you can actually get a free lifetime account for one domain if you manage to refer three friends to the service.

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More – An Easy Way To Arrange Events

  • September 19, 2010

eventEve.comWho sits down with a contact list besides the phone when he has to arrange a party any longer? People who are acquainted with applications like this one certainly don’t. A site like eventEve simplifies everything, for the mere reason that invitations are sent digitally, and the details of the event are hosted online for all to read.

And in addition to letting you send out invitations online, eventEve will let you poll your guests and learn about the ideas that they have themselves for making a success out of the whole party or event. You can learn the way they feel about just anything – the food that is going to be served, the music that is going to be played… The great thing about this is that you will be able to figure how suitable things are going to be in advance, and avoid any possible embarrassments. After all, you don’t want people to remember your event for all the wrong reasons, do you?

Events can be created for free, and the same applies to the sending out of invitations. You just choose the layout that will go best with the event, add all the guests that you want and send out the invites.

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More – Finding The Right Candidates

  • August 3, 2010

InterviewStreet.comFilling vacancies is easier than ever thanks to applications such as Interview Street. Using it, you will be able to create customized tests that will let you determine how skilled any prospective candidate is on the spot.

The best thing is that a report with an assessment of his/her performance will be presented to you right after the test has been taken, so that you should be able to determine the real value of candidates in a very direct way.

As the one creating the test, you will be capable of choosing the difficulty and the type of questions, and there are actually over fifteen different sets for you to have your pick from.

Interview Street can be used at no cost. You create an account for free – all you have to do is supply a working email address and then choose a password to go with it. And if you want to see a sample test before actually creating an account, then that is also possible – simply click on the link that is featured on the main page.

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More – Have Dinner & Meet New People

  • June 30, 2010

InnerDinner.comIf you think is possible to build everlasting relationships by sharing your gastronomy experiences, then this site might be of your interest. is an online community you can join to make new friends and prepare home dinners for other networking members. Register on this online community and show other members your cooking experience.

Would you like to monetize your gastronomy knowledge and cooking skills? Do you have vegetarian recipes to share? If so, enter and become part of this social network. This online community allows you to promote your cooking skills and make new relationships by preparing dinners at home.

Enter and find out more about this online community for those who want to be part of this social network. If you are looking for new gastronomic experiences, enter this site and register on Inner Dinner for free. Then, you can start easy recipes for dinner and use its friend finder services.

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More – Creating Online Invitations Smoothly

  • June 4, 2010

Cocodot.comCocodot is a site that will let you create paperless invitations for any event that you are hosting and send them out to all your invitees in a fell swoop.

The dynamics of the site involve the creation of both the invitations and a page for the event where you will include its every detail for guests to be better-informed, and become enticed to attend it.

This event page will also let you manage your RSVP settings.

The actual creation of the invitations is made possible by the availability of several designs for you to take as templates that can be modified at will, until you have something that truly captures the spirit of the event that you intend to host. Thankfully, you can upload your own photos and images so that you know that the invitation won’t come across as a merely generic one.

Once the invitations are ready, you simply proceed to build the guest list up. When you are done, the invitations are sent out in a single click.

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More – Arranging & Handling Events Online

  • April 5, 2010

RSVPhere.comEvitations have all but displaced old paper invitations, and I think that such a development has been beneficial on the whole. Of course, we have lost more than a fair share of personality and involvement, but the trade off has been worth it – now we know that the invitation has made it into the hands of the invitee for certain.

Both modalities have their advantages, then. And while it is clear that evitations will keep on gaining ground, there are (formal) contexts in which paper invitations would be preferable. Better still, a combination of both methods could work wonders if someone devised a way to coalesce them. And that is exactly what this site aims to do: bring evitations closer to paper invitations.

Named RSVPhere, this system will let you create an account and add all the information regarding your event such as location, time, etc. Guests will sign up for your event there, and they will be sent a paper invite to the address that they provide on the site. This paper invite will bear a code, and it is that code guests will use to confirm attendance once they have received the invite. This dispenses with having them send you a response card. That is one thing less that can become lost along the way, in the end.

Also, note that guests will be asked questions such as if they have any dietary considerations that you must take into account when they visit the event’s site. That effectively makes for the better planning of the event itself.

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More – A Smooth Way To Handle Events Online

  • January 11, 2010

Ettend.comDo you really think that sending emails back and forth for the best part of a fortnight is the best way to go around and arrange an event? If you do, you either have some peculiar concept of or what self-organization is, or you really have a lot of time to spare. The rest will probably go for a system like Ettend if given half the chance.

We can define it as a fully-featured event management and registration tool that any individual, not-for-profit, small business or medium-sized company can easily use and get to grips with. Each and every aspect of the actual arrangement of an event online is accounted for, and that goes from creating an event website to collecting attendees and sending email reminders before the day comes, at an interval that you (as the organizer) set down beforehand.

This service is available at a given cost, and a fully-featured free trial is provided. At the end of it, you can go for a paid plan – straightforward pricing starts at $24 a month right now, and there are three more plans for you to pick according to the size and scope of the event itself, and who you are or who you work for.

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More – Networking For Project Professionals

  • December 14, 2009

WBSmates.comWe all take part of a project at a time or other of our lives. There is no area or endeavour which is alien to that, and although there are a couple of areas which lend themselves more than others to such an approach like IT or scientific research the truth remains that when we enter the professional world we know we will have to work with others sooner or later.

This social site, then, has the objective of letting members of different teams narrate their experiences and share the lessons that they have learned. In this way, anybody could learn how to best tackle any project in which working with others is the key skill to be mastered.

Besides, the network aims to stand as a spot in which one can reconnect with former team members and indulge into the old and beloved “Remember when…?” chat that (let’s face it) we all love to get down to at every turn.

Of course, members of ongoing projects can interact through the site too. Projects can be created and team members can be invited easily and at no cost.

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More – Creating Twitter Groups With Ease

  • November 13, 2009

Twiigo.comYou already know that Twitter has changed the way people interact and get information about many matters because of the real-time technology it employs.


com is an efficient application with a variety of convenient features that will help users create a multiplicity of groups, categorized in a simple way. This application works fast and seems to be a good option for those that want to enjoy the advantages of creating their Twitter groups right away.

In this way you will have the possibility to find information about any topic you are interested in, and get in touch with people with the same interests. This application will allow you to invite any of your followers to join the groups you create, and you will also be allowed to join the groups you want.

In case you want others to know about your favorite groups, will give you the possibility to do it in your website or blog just by using the application’s widget. This is a good way to keep track of timelines without having to follow every individual member. The site is very instructive and you will find it pretty simple and efficient.

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More – Managing Beta Invitations Smoothly

  • July 29, 2009

Launchset.comLaunchset helps early adopters discover and get invites to all these sites that are yet to launch to the public at large (IE, private beta/early alpha sites). For sites, it manages closed alpha/beta invitations.

And if the site is in pre-launch stages, it helps collect e-mails of people interested in the site. As a service, it is quite well-focused and the ones who are into the world of startups will surely maximize it, since it will let them know whenever a young site surfaces and gain access to it in a more or less straightforward fashion.

As the community grows, members will eventually have a list of sites they have been granted invitations to and tried. Startups can target a specific set of members based on their profiles to become early users. It can also help startups measure interest by the number of people on the waiting list.

All in all, quite a spot-on way of making sure you will bypass no website that could appertain to you, either out of personal curiosity or because you have a launch up your sleeve and you do not want anybody to get ahead of you. Registration is free, and the same applies to the submission of sites, so that if you are interested in either service they are both instantly accessible.

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More – Getting The Party Going

  • March 28, 2009

TwitterPool.comTwitterpool is the application you need to help you organize your next party and invite everyone easily. Whenever you organize a party perhaps the most annoying thing is having to notify all of the people you want to invite.

Every person is a different SMS message you need to send, and doing so can be so time consuming there might not even be enough time left to do any of the other things pertaining to the organization of the party itself. Another problem that people usually find when they are organizing their parties is that you can’t just go and change your Facebook status telling everyone that you are having a party and that the address is such and such.

However, not all is lost and there is still some hope in this world to help solve one of the most excruciatingly difficult conundrums humanity faces. TwitterPool has created a nifty little web app that will allow you to systematically send a custom invite to your twitter contacts of choice. Simply brilliant don’t you think? Good luck with the party!

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More – Traveling Friends

  • March 24, 2009

PleaseVisitMe.comIf you want your old friends to come and see you, there is a new and simple way to do it. PleaseVisitMe.

com is a very simple but effective travel invitation service. That is actually the only way you can define this online resource. The way this website works is extremely simple and that is one of its strongest points.

The only thing you need to do in order to use this tool is to input your information as well as your friend’s data and the system will take a care of the rest of the process for you.

One of the best things about this site is the fact that it automatically verifies different prices in order to get the best deals. This way, your friend will receive an email with the invitation and the lowest price that can be found.

It is important to mention that this company is not trying to become a giant in the traveling market, and that it just wants you to get the best deals. That is why you can search for detailed prices with other major providers if you want. The main point of this website is the fact that it offers a very effective free service to invite your friends to come and visit you. In case you want to get in touch with this site’s team you are free to do it at

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More – Private Photo Sharing

  • August 21, 2008

Shwup.comAre you looking for photo editing software? Do you want an online photo album? is an online photo storage site created by Muvee, where you can upload your photos and share them with your friends. On Shwup Beta you will find online photo album service and picture editing software, for you to improve the quality of your photos.

On you can find photo editing software and free photo hosting service, as well as online photo albums and image slideshow software. You can use the photo software provided to edit your pictures. In addition, on this site you will find free online photo sharing service for you to share your photos with friends.

Do you need an online photo album? Would you like to share your photos with friends? offers free online photo album and free hosting service for you to upload your photos and share them online.

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More – Invite People To Meetings

  • August 20, 2008

MeetingWave.comThe time-tested method of getting an idea across or a business deal closed is having a meeting. If you’re thinking of gathering some people together to communicate an idea to them, then you should see what you can do with Meetingwave.

com. With the site, you’ll be able to create events and invite people to them. It has got the benefits of Facebook’s event planner, without the extra annoying social networking features. After you create events, you’ll be able to monitor how many people plan on attending it. That should allow you to see how well your event invitation is being received by your invitees. Future events are marked on the site’s map, so you can have a basic idea of how many events will be taking place in your area in the next couple of days. An interesting feature is that you can tell the site is the invite is “for romance”. This might just turn into a new way for computer nerds to ask girls out without actually having to talk to them.

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More – Social Network Software

  • March 20, 2008

SmallWorldLabs.comWe are in a Web 2.0 world and every business and organization can benefit from a social network.

It doesn’t matter if you are a business or a church social networks help you communicate and organize. SmallWorldLabs software helps you create a social network that fits your organization. SmallWorldLabs is specialized in online networks and therefore has a great deal of knowledge and experience to assist their clients. The deign of the social network is very important because it needs to reflect the organization and is mission. A social network presents an atmosphere and it needs to be in tune with the organization’s purpose and goals. There are many different types and sizes of social networks and you want your community to feel as though the network was created for them. SmallWorldLabs helps organizations choose a social network that is the perfect size for their community. SmallWorldLabs helps with all stages of creating a social network, from design, building, hosting to support. SmallWorldLabs social networks have many features such as: profiles, galleries, email, invite, RSS feeds, forums, blogs, classifieds, file sharing, tagging, etc… A social network is becoming a necessary part of every organization so don’t get left behind. SmallWorldLabs can bring you to the Web 2.0 world.

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More – Simultaneous Video Sharing And Viewing

  • November 30, 2007

SeeToo.comSeeToo is just like sitting around the TV watching your favorite videos with your friends, except for, you’re doing it in real time, not in real life. SeeToo lets you view videos from your computer (no need to upload) and share them with your friends online, so you can all watch the clip together.

To use SeeToo, first select a video file from your hard drive. Then, SeeToo helps you send an automatic invite to your friends on Skype, AIM, Google Talk, etc so they can view it with you. Alternately, SeeToo lets you send emails with a link to the video in them to your buddies. When your friends receive the invites and click on the link, they can begin viewing the video alongside you; there’s no need for them to install or download anything. SeeToo is free to use, but is currently operating in private beta, so you’ll need to apply to become a user.

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