More – Ask For Whatever You Need

  • November 10, 2010

INTFY.comINTFY (short for I Need This From You) is a site in which people can post needs of varying nature in the hopes that somebody will offer his assistance. Registered users of INTFY can ask for career advice, help with their sentimental relationships, guidance on how to use any product that they have bought and fail to understand to the full… As long as it is not something illegal or immoral then it will be posted on the site, and others will be able to have a say.

There is not a lot more to explain or clarify. I must mention, though, that interactions can be kept private when the topic at hand is not really something that could be discussed publicly (IE, when you are asking for relationship advice, or when you are asking for the most suitable way to get a promotion). Other than that, I am sure you will be using this site within minutes of having first landed on it and having created your own account.

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