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  • July 16, 2008 is the official website of the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA), a professional association devoted to teach hunter education in North America.

Currently, this association is formed by 67 state and provincial wildlife conservation agencies and more than 70.000 volunteer instructors. It was formed in 1949 and their classes reach more than 750.000 students every year. As a matter of facts, since it was created, over 35 million students have been trained. Their courses cover safety, bow hunting, responsible hunting, wildlife management and identification, and landowner relations, among others. Here you can learn everything about them including history and mission. All their courses are listed and explained here with descriptions and requirements. In addition to this, you can access to all their latest news and upcoming events. You can also find a collection of educational resources such as articles, images, and videos. Finally, you can get all their contact details.

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