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  • April 28, 2008 offers private long-distance services, which will help you save money on long distance plans, toll free numbers, phone cards and more.

To sign up you have to choose a rate plan, which you must select before continuing, then you should choose it a purpose, such as, is it business or residential? Then there are more personal questions necessary for the pioneer order form, which is one of five steps you have to make to have an account. If you seem to have a problem or you don’t understand something within the service, you can get them answered in the customer care section, where you can find the numbers you can call, or read the five top questions, explaining what are the Pioneer Telephone’s International rates, billing and mailing address, who they are, the sign up fee, and how to make an international call explained. If this information doesn’t answer your own personal questions, yours will be answered once you send it.

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  • February 18, 2008 is a company that combines mobile technology with social networking.

The company offers VoIP services for mobile phones so that you can stay in touch with your IM contacts and social networks. Moreover, they also provide integration with Skype, Jabber, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Hi5, Xanga and Tagworld among others. The best part about it is that users can make calls to other Skype users, and they can also take advantage of the SkypeOut feature to make cheap international calls, without having to be next to a computer. In addition, MySpace members can go Mobile with EQO”s widgets which allow users to send text and images displaying location and mood. What is more, the Click to chat and Click to IM features make it very simple to start a conversation with someone. Due to this feature you can update your info and stay in touch while you are away from home. Registration is free and all you need is to provide your cell phone number as well as who made it and the model.

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  • June 7, 2007

Rebtel.comIn case you need to make cheap international calls, you have to check this site out. On you will learn everything about this company and its affordable calling services. Rebtel provides you with low cost calls and affordable phone cards, and even free international calls, among other low cost calling services.

Do you want to save money by making international phone calls? Then, you have to enter this site to find out more about this company. On you can learn how to make cheap international calls and get access to affordable phone cards. You have to enter this site and register to make low cost calls and send low cost international SMS.

To sum up, if you are looking for phone cards to make cheap international phone calls, enter this site. Enter to learn more about its international calling services, including low cost calls, and download mobile applications.

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