More – Make Digital Music

  • May 28, 2008

Createdigitalmusic.comCreate Digital Music is a site created by Peter Kim, musician, composer, media-artist and author. It’s a site of particular interest to the digital musician.

Basically, it’s a web magazine and community for those musicians who want to create their own digital music. You can keep abreast with the times, since Create Digital Music provides you with all the latest news and product reviews by independent contributors, as well as tips on the production of music using technology. The focus is on state-of-the-art tools and software, DIY music making, the latest trends, advanced software and experimental interfaces, gaming technology and so on. It is also interesting for visual artists. It’s divided into three main sections: Cubed, which concentrates on audio-cubes for music and visuals; Kore which is about how to use the new, mini-site software and finally, iPhone, which is Mc OS-derived software. Go to the forum section where you will be able to get ideas, air your views and make comments.

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More – Entertaining Interfaces for Computers

  • March 18, 2008

Plasq.comBlogging is probably the easiest way to publish whatever you want and education is not an exception. In this case, Plasq.

com joined a small group of passionate individuals, all across the world, with one same goal, educate to create better computer interfaces and enjoyable computer experiences. If you don’t even what an interface is, well then, you should start considering other blogs to learn what it is, but if you are experiences and smart enough to read complex information about it, don’t hesitate to join this community. The basic idea they had was create simpler, entertaining, more inspiring and flexible interfaces as reflect of what’s in your mind. Whether you are a programmer or just a digital product fan, using or working with a computer shouldn’t be a scary and overwhelming experience, on the contrary, it should relaxing and enjoyable. The propose is to play and learn at the same time and not only for children in this case, but teens and all grown-ups. Through amazing tools such as Comic Life, Doozla, Skitch you can have the time of your life and develop yourself by learning.

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