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  • June 1, 2008

Raz-Kids.comGreek philosophers from the classic era thought that the printed word would have devastating effects for memory skills and the human mind. But today nobody doubts anymore that books are one of the best tools for education. is a portal where teachers will find a complete set of electronic books with pictures and exercises for improving children’s reading skills.

In sum, is a platform of interactive tools for teachers and students, aimed at making it easier and more fun for all to improve reading skills. As a teacher you can mark the exercises for your students through the website, and keep track of the progress achieved by each one of them.

There are books for 27 levels of education, and also song, poems, and nursery rhyme collections. For each level (represented by a letter of the alphabet) a huge collection of titles is included. The interactive media will allow young learners to read the text and at the same time listen to the pronunciation for each word, because words light up together with the recorded voice reading the story.

Apart from listening to the written text, a software is included that allows students to record their reading and save the corresponding file. Later, teachers will be able to access the file to check how well did students go in their reading comprehension.

The best way of learning is to make it fun and do it through entertaining games. includes a quiz for each book and its story, which kids will be able to answer by clicking in the multiple choice list. It doesn’t end there. The better score obtained by students, the more credit they will get to buy items for personalizing their own rocket “club house”, a space created specially for the children to have yet more fun in the site.

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