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  • February 19, 2009

TheICCN.comA platform that launched a couple of months ago, the Inter-Collegiate Consulting Network (ICCN) is a platform that intends to let students interact over the web. Not any kind of students, though – only those who are in consulting groups, including those who are at Universities and Colleges within the US, and also the ones who are located in foreign territories.

The services on offer include the ability to collaborate in projects and assist each other in career advancement. The website has been devised in a way that lets students practice and hone their skills, whereas the site’s structure will eventually allow for consulting firms to advertise by placing banners online.

Obviously, a platform like this will let these firms reach a laser-targeted demographic made up of self-starting and driven college and MBA students who are or will be seeking careers in consulting. Privacy is a major concern for the developers of the website as well; no one’s personal information is given out unless an individual user wishes to include his or her contact information.

In finishing, the site is perfect for those students who are looking to realize their goals in consulting, and who wish to become part of a community that is taking an exciting shape indeed.

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