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  • January 19, 2009

Zigtag.comDepending on your vantage point, the ever-increasing number of social bookmarking services out there will be something to be proud of or something to be sick of. Both perspectives are right to a certain degree – a lot of available offerings means you won’t be constricted to just a couple of solutions to choose from, whereas it is also true that the scene loses cogency if it becomes oversaturated.

The one we are discussing right now dubs itself as an “intelligent social bookmarking tool” which lets you add tags to your bookmarks, and these can be counted upon at a later date in order to come across similar websites and pages. According to the team behind the project, when they say that the system is “intelligent” that signifies the tags actually carry a defined meaning, and they are not mere keywords. Such a tagging system hopes to get around the problem of having multiple tags to classify a given concept.

It is nice to see new takes on a tried and tested subject. Hopefully, a system such as this one can result in a better-connected web where relevant contents can be found more easily. It certainly solves the problem of tags having more than one meaning being displayed when carrying out searches – you can choose to visualize the ones that have a specific definition, and this way everything is smoother. Pay the site a visit and register (for free) in order to have a taster for yourself, and draw your own conclusions.

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