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  • July 9, 2008

CovenantEyes.comCovenant Eyes is an accountability program that aims to set a standard for Internet integrity through monitoring. Those who use the program become “Members” whose actions are monitored by what are termed “Accountability Partners”.

These are selected by the member upon signing up. The sites that the Member visits receive a score based on their actual contents, and high-scoring sites are presented in an accountability report which is sent periodically to the Accountability Partner. According to the contents of said report the Accountability Partner may discuss the report with the member. The site also includes a section that provides Internet integrity resources to the effects of removing online temptation. These include recommended reading for wives of porn addicts, as well as articles that can be perused online like “Six Reasons Why Guys Like Porn (And How To Break Free). For its part, technical support is provided in the corresponding section, and a link to a blog named “Breaking Free” is provided for further resources.

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  • June 3, 2008

IntegrityMusic.comMusic has always been a way of communicating and many times, through the lyrics the artists really send messages of love and hope to the people. It has, as well been used for transmitting religious values and beliefs. is a site that promotes this kind of music, in particular the one that transmits Jesus Christ’s values. In this site you will find that you are able to download songs of certain artists that fall into this musical category. Furthermore, you can also find the latest news concerning these artists and their new releases, as well as watching or downloading certain videos about them and the new songs. If you are interested reading information about the community or signing and becoming a user of this site then you are able to do it for free, and you are also able to visit the store where you will find a large variety of items which you can purchase online, such as DVD’s and CD’s. Visit and start purchasing this music!

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More – Christian Music & Media Producer

  • May 30, 2008

Integritydirect.comIntegrity Media is a communications company that produces and publishes Christian media such as music and films. The company has its seat in Mobile (Alabama), as well as four foreign offices that are located in different parts of the globe.

Integrity Media has a division that goes by the name of Direct Response; this is the division that caters for e-mail and Internet sales. Moreover, the company has a direct mail club that is a purveyor of greeting cards, and a newly-founded mobile phone service that is entitled MWorship. All these services and products are described online in fine detail. The site includes a navigation menu that lets the visitor browse through the available categories, and the latest music releases are highlighted on the main page. There is also a wide array of articles that deal with issues such as inspiration in Christian songs, and interviews with selected Worship artists.

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More – New Jersey Insurance Group

  • May 26, 2008

Njm.comAfter many workers came to New Jersey from Europe and other places looking for a better future, the amount of manufacturers was highly increased. The need of forming a group and associating became a priority and so the New Jersey Manufacture Insurance company was founded by factory owners in 1913.

Their aim is to provide the workers a reliable company in which they can get the insurance they need. At the web site you will see three main sections: personal coverages, commercial coverages, and general information. For personal coverages there are personal auto, home owners or renters, flood, and umbrella products. For commercial purposes there are worker’s compensation and commercial auto. This latter was created to help companies with their transportation service. For instance, they provide a variety of fleet of vehicles. On the web site there is also a buyer’s guide where you can read some advices.

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