More – Helping live with diabetes

  • August 22, 2012 offers a wealth of information for visitors using insulin pumps, as well as other articles on how various lifestyle changes impact diabetics. The sight is simple and well laid out, ensuring anyone who wants to browse it won’t be stopped simply by poor design. There’s a standard row of links running across the top of the page along with a regional drop down menu to choose the country or continent. Highlighting each link reveals a drop down menu with relevant information. Under community for example, is links to user blogs and other chats. One of the more thoughtful features of the sight is a button near the country selection that allows a user to resize the text without needing to use cumbersome internet browser settings.

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More – Low Cost Diabetic Supplies

  • June 30, 2008 is an American e-commerce website that sells all kinds of low cost diabetic supplies.

In fact, they have more than 1.000 items in stock; here you can find insulin supplies, testing supplies, and health and nutrition products. In this website you can browse trough their entire catalogue, sorted into all these categories and brands. Each one of the items listed here displays pictures, main features, and price, and they are all available to purchase online with any major credit card. Once you are visiting this site, don’t forget to check their special offers section, with all their latest deals and sale items. Shipping is available all across the United States as well as to international destinations, though shipping fee may change; orders above 100 get free shipping. Finally, in case you have any inquiry or you need further assistance, you can contact them trough their toll free line.

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More – Insulin Glargine Injection

  • June 13, 2008

Lantus.comLantus is the most effective medical solution to people who suffer from diabetes. It is a long-acting insulin that is taken once a day, any time of the day, at the same time each day.

It works steadily and consistently to help manage blood sugar control around the clock, and it is usually taken in combination with oral diabetes medications. If you are a diabetic, or suffer from disorders regarding the blood concentration of sugar, this website will be a useful tool for your health. Here you will find all the necessary information to diagnose yourself, find out if it’s possible for you to use Lantus, and start with this treatment. Your healthcare professional may start you on a low initial dose, which may then be adjusted to reach the dose that’s best for you. You should know that finding just the right dose and the right balance of insulin, diet, exercise, and other diabetes medications for you is an ongoing process, not a one-time fix. Let Lantus be your guide and your permanent support.

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More – For Insulin Resistance Diseases

  • May 21, 2008

Insulitelabs.comInsulite Laboratories is dedicated to reversing the diseases caused by Insulin Resistance. It was established in 2001 to research, develop and test a scientifically based approach for addressing the problems associated with this kind of sicknesses.

This is not a simple task, because it requires a specialized nutrition plan, an exercise program designed to increase insulin sensitivity, and a personal monitoring on patients. There are millions of people who need this kind of treatment. Over the past five years, Insulite Laboratories has developed systems for obesity, pre-diabetes and many other health problems. Now, through it encourages visitors to inform themselves about possible insulin resistance problems. If you have been diagnosed with one of the conditions that appear in the site, or believe you may have one, you can request for Insulite’s professional assistance. The site offers an online affiliate program, with special promotions. You will certainly learn how to transform your health and reverse your condition.

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More – Diabetic Care Services

  • April 24, 2008

Diabeticcareservices.comDiabetic care services serve the needs of people living with diabetes since 1997. They provide concerned, personal service that enables these people to receive the insulin and tasting supplies they need in the shortest period of time.

They also provide diabetic supplies to help reduce your expenses. You can browse and shop their selection of diabetes supplies. You can buy Insulin supplies including diabetes carrying cases, glucose supplies, insulin, insulin accessories and devices, insulin needle free, and much more. Also you can purchase testing supplies such as batteries, blood glucose, meters, blood glucose test strips, control solution, lancets, neuropathy testing software, and others. Finally you can also buy health and nutritional products; some of them are bathroom safety products, blood pressure kits, canes, cough and cold, diabetes accessories, diabetes nutritional and foods, diabetes socks, pedometers, vitamins, and much more. Diabetic Care Services is owned and operated by licensed pharmacists and staffed by experienced, caring and quality people.

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More – Glucose Monitoring Systems

  • December 22, 2007

Lifescan.comLifescan is a Johnson & Johnson company that specializes in developing glucose monitoring systems for diabetics; at this site, readers will be able to find a complete product list, both for patient, doctor and hospital needs, which includes comparative advantages of buying one instead of the other plus design specifications, although the company does not presently do any direct sales. The site also includes other useful tools and tips for diabetics, like diet plans and meal planners together with other general diabetes information.

The site is available in several western languages but no asian ones for the time being.

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More – Diabetes mall

  • October 14, 2007

Diabetesnet.comThis extensive guide to diabetes medical condition is a great resource for all of diabetes patients, relatives, caretakers and health care professionals. Since 1994, this online store has been offering all but medicines; here you will be able to find extensive comparisons of one drug to the other, recipes, calorie-counters, insulin level explainers, books, exercise plans and more.

A great advantage of this page is the fact that it is divided into two major sections: store & information, and you can randomly choose to step from one to the other, so you will not be pestered with special offers while trying to understand the complex world of diabetes patients, and that is indeed a very big plus for this site.

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