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More – Handling Communications In A Suppler Way

  • February 5, 2010

Anveo.comIs the expression Voice 2.0 familiar to you? If it is not, you can learn mostly all that there is to know about such a concept here.

Anveo is a new solution that lets you mash up different communication channels and have them accessible from a single spot. That is, you can bring your phone, your voicemail and your instant messages together and put them to the professional or personal use that you need.

Anveo’s proprietary technology goes by the name of Visual Call Flow. By using it, anybody can arrange his communications visually, and in an intuitive enough manner by dragging and dropping blocks into position. Consumers can use this technology in order to stay connected with whomever they want at all times. Web calls can be made without even needing a microphone and a handset, and personal international numbers (IE, one number that rings on all phones) are available. Furthermore, a “ContactMe” widget can be employed to keep in touch with community members or friends 24/7.

When it comes to business users, these will benefit from implementing an enhanced business process in which communication plays a more integrated role. Business users are provided with a control panel they can employ to manage extensions within the company, and keep a close watch on the accounts of employees. The overall spending of their workforces can be easily tracked using this panel, too.

Finallly, developers can use the provided API to create Voice 2.0 applications and integrate them with their forthcoming products or websites.

The best part is indisputably that you can take control of your whole communications without having to spend a single cent on hardware or infrastructure of any kind. If you couple that with the flexibility that Anveo provides, it is fair to say that this is pointing the way for communications to go.

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More – Easy Messenger – All IMs

  • October 25, 2007 messaging is the easiest tool for keeping in touch with friends, family and business associates. However, there are numerous programs such as AIM, MSN messenger, AOL, etc.

that have put up barriers between chatting communities. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have IM contacts in just one program that combines all buddy lists? The team at thinks so and has created a simple solution. Their browser based program combines all contacts into one tool. This is a free service and users must create an account with their email address. Once the tool is on the desktop, users can manage all accounts (MSN, AIM, ICU, Jabber, Yahoo!) from one interface. The Easy Messenger box lets users change away settings on each program and post different messages and availabilities.

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More – Snitter – Twitter Away

  • September 7, 2007

Snook.caSnitter is a tool that lets you talk to your friends on your desktop, like instant messenger. If you have Adobe Air, simply

download Snitter to begin. Snitter is supported by both Macs and Pcs. Some of Snitters features are; that it highlights messages sent to you via @syntax, you have a current list of tweets, you can view the 20 most recent items in your timeline, or the 20 most recent replies. You can view and filter friend lists by name and screen name and there are keyboard shortcuts to access the panels. Stay up to date with recent news about Snitter and tips on web development by visiting the Snook blog. So have fun and Twitter away on Snitter.

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More – Send video instant messages, share and rate

  • April 4, 2007

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