More – Find What You Need On A Map

  • January 18, 2011

InstaMapSearch.comInstaMapSearch is a new web service that will let you find just whatever you need, as close to your current location as you might want. It can be just anything – bars that are located just a few blocks away from the hotel where you are staying at, a place to park your car, the nearest clinic from your apartment… InstaMapSearch makes looking for these things a lightning-fast task.

All that you (IE, the user) need to do is to key in what you want for a search to be duly carried out. You are not even required to specify where you are, as InstaMapSearch takes care of geolocating you. (It is always possible to change your location manually, though).

In this way, people who are passing through any foreign country will be able to know where to turn to in the event there is an emergency, or simply when they want to know which spots are worth a visit when they are in a city that is new to them.

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