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  • December 23, 2009

InstaFound.comThere are bound to be endless ways of searching the WWW for the simple reason that there is an endless amount of information out there. As you are reading this, a wealth of data is being added to the Internet as we know it.

Some of that information will appeal to you, whereas other part of that data is bound to be largely irrelevant. But if you execute a search, chances are you will come across both and you will have to sift through it manually.

That would be a bit time-consuming if your luck is not in, and that is exactly what the InstaFound website attempts to address. Basically, it is a search tool whereby results are taken from all major search portals out there (including Google, Yahoo and Bing) and combined together. When doing so, a score is given to each and every result so that you can see which one is the destination you should head to.

Search portals and systems that optimize them are more or less useful according to the interests and needs of each person. It is a bit difficult to generalize and say it will work for all and sundry. All I can tell you is to pay it a visit and launch a search or two to get acquainted with it. Will it become a mainstay on the WWW? Or it does nothing that couldn’t be done otherwise?

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