More – Following Only Relevant People

  • January 15, 2010

InstaFollow.comHaving a lot of Twitter followers is not that hard. After all, there are endless apps that will let you accumulate a number as large enough as you could ever wish for.

Now, whether or not they are going to be loyal (IE, stick around for longer than a tweet) is an entirely different matter. But there are tools such as InstaFollow available, IE tools that will enable you not to follow or be followed massively by others, but rather to bring relevance into the equation. Through it, you can start following people who have something (or even a lot) to do with you. That is infinitely more fulfilling than following any old Jack and hitting “unfollow” after just a couple of tweets.

The way it all works is very simple indeed, as all you have to do is login using your Twitter credentials and then enter you interests in order to be matched with people who are compatible. It is as easy as that, and the one and only niggle within range is that OAuth is not supported. Maybe the team behind it would like to work on that.

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