More – Facebook Photos On Instagram

  • August 11, 2011

InstaFB.comThe unstopped rise in popularity that Instagram has had practically since day one could but lead the service to something like InstaFB – an app that has Instagram coupled with the hottest social service of the hour, Facebook. Basically, what InstaFB does is to let anybody have his Instagram and Facebook accounts synced up, and share photographs in both websites simultaneously.

This new service is completely free to use, and simply by granting the application access to the respective accounts one will be able to have his Instagram photos automatically posted on his Facebook albums, and vice versa.

There’s not a lot more to add. The service is stable, and it does what it has set out to do without any kind of glitch. Try it out and see what you think – something tells me we are seeing officially-sanctioned apps for doing this before too long.

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