More – Information On STD

  • October 22, 2008

Inspot.orgDeveloped by the Internet Sexuality Information Service, the InSpot website is an online resource that has the objective of raising awareness as regards sexually transmitted diseases. The site enables its users to talk to sex partners virtually and notify those they have had sex with them of any situation that might arise.

There is no need to provide detailed medical information when sending an e-mail notification, because each e-mail comes with a set of links that provide further technical information.

The InSpot system also makes for sending anonymous messages instead of using your regular e-mail account, but as the site itself rightly points out a personalized communication is more effective and more likely to be taken seriously and acted upon.

The site also gathers together information on a wealth of information on local testing resources spanning not only the territory of the United States but also neighboring countries like Canada and some international locations such as Romania. It will be very interesting to see which ones are added in the future.

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