More – Build Your Own Site & Manage It

  • September 15, 2010

InsiteCreation.comDeveloped by an Indonesian company, Insite Creation can be defined as a tool that will let you put an impressive Web 2.0 site together and manage every aspect of it afterwards.

You will be able to choose from a wide selection of templates, or create your very own. This will be specially appealing to people who intend to put Insite Creation to professional uses – they will be able to come up with websites meeting their clients’ every requirement.

The most distinctive aspect of Insite Creation is the “Multimedia Wall” – an online wall in which all kind of content can be posted. This includes media such as slideshows, carousel galleries, music/video playlists and document downloads in addition to videos and images. That is: content that can seldom be posted on blogs.

Insite Creation is also very suitable for building online stores, or sites in which transactions take place. Both downloadable and shippable products can be sold on sites built using Insite Creation. And PayPal is the supported payment gateway.

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