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  • June 23, 2008

Insects.orgThe presence of an insect tends to annoy most people, whilst as a parallel process develops an incontrollable urge to squash it develops. However, others have a rather different point of view as they find them creatures that go beyond fascinating not to mention extremely interesting to study. is a site meant to delight the latter kind of people, the insect lovers. Amongst the many remarkable services provided, you will bump into with an enormous database that contains information on almost every insect known to man. In addition to this, approaches insects from a both original and unique point of view; ours. It may sound redundant, but the site provides a section where you can find the place that insects occupy in human culture. For instance, you can learn all about which insects affect us psychologically, the symptoms of entomophobia (which is fear of insects), the symbolism they carry and many other intriguing facts. Find out and learn about insects as much as you possibly can by checking out this

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