More – Interact With Customers Via SMS

  • January 5, 2012

GetSeconds.comSeconds is a real time messaging and mobile commerce platform that lets your customers interact with you more directly than ever. Seconds makes it possible for you to handle all kind of communications (including orders and inquiries) and mobile payments via text messages. You (as the merchant) get to monitor everything using a simple dashboard where all interactions are brought together. You will be able to see each customer’s full history whenever he places an order, and at the end of it all the customer will be able to rate his experience.

These ratings will then become displayed on your dashboard, and with that information in full sight it’s very easy to figure out which aspects of your service are to be bettered.

Of course, being able to see the past history of consumers also makes it much easier for them to place their orders. Any returning customer can simply send you a SMS that reads “I’ll have what I had last time, please”, and that’ll be his order placed and perfectly understood.

Seconds costs $50 per month, and during the first month the service can be tried to the full without having to pay anything.

And giving the Seconds blog a look is certainly advisable, specially if the whole concept of making your business go mobile is all new to you, and you want to avoid making all the obvious mistakes.

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More – Connect With Suppliers

  • March 31, 2011

Sourcing3.comA new B2B social network, Sourcing 3 can be joined by just anybody. No matter whether you are still picking up the ropes or whether you have already carried hundreds of transactions to completion, you will find someone to interact on Sourcing 3. You will be able to get fresh insight and opinions, and narrate the experiences that you have had in the market so far.

Members of this network are enabled to search for suppliers, products and services just by using the provided interface, and they can easily create all the product inquiries that they want, too.

And while the site can be joined for free, it must be pointed out that two different premium memberships are available. These go by the names of Basic Supplier and Supplier Pro, they cost $ 95 and $ 249 per month each, and they come with lots of features such as being able to have much richer profiles both in terms of content and design.

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More – Not A Classic Travel Tool

  • August 19, 2008

Jooveler.comJooveler is a travel social and professional website. The site solves the time, money and quality problems when it comes to searching, finding, and deciding on the travel offers a traveler would book for his trip.

Jooveler allows network members to submit custom travel inquiries, receive public custom travel arrangements from selected travel operators, and then use other travelers and friends’ comments and ratings to help decide which offer is the most appropriate to choose and book. Jooveler covers any travel service combinations, with custom travel inquiries including requests for packages containing flight, hotel, cruise, car rental, ground or space transportation services. Each of these travel inquiries spread into the system towards selected travel operators in partnership with Jooveler, without carrying specific contact information of the requester. Each travel operator can respond with their travel offers that match traveler’s requests. Suggested travel offers are public, hence they will actually be visible to travelers all over the world, not only for traveler launching the initial inquiry. This enables each travel offer to being booked by any other traveler, as well as being commented and rated by other people, to provide more confidence for the initial requesters and help them with the final booking decision.

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More – Question and Answer Search Engine

  • July 24, 2008

SnappyFingers.comSnappyFingers is an online searchable database of tons of questions and answers. This tool is indeed a search engine, but not the typical key phrase search tool.

To use this site, users enter in a question they wish to have answered, and SnappyFingers searches the web to find a match. SnappyFingers works hard to find a similar question entered elsewhere, as well as provide the user with the related answer to the inquiry. Consulted sources include forums, frequently asked questions links, question and answer links, and various others. Users are also provided with suggestions of “similar questions” for each searched inquiry they enter.

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