More – A New Way To Gather Information

  • August 23, 2010

InputPipe.comCreating an online spreadsheet will always be a practical way to gather data from different sources together. Yet, there are even more convenient ways to get that job done, especially when we are talking about data that comes from a big number of sources at the very same time.

Input Pipe is one of these.

The basic premise is that of having each person text message the pertinent information instead of contributing the data individually by writing it on a board or spreadsheet. When that happens, the data is automatically pushed to the database run by the Input Pipe folks, and you can then proceed to take the information that has been gathered there and have it exported to a .CSV file.

In this way, you will become capable of gathering data on the fly, and with a minimum of effort. The fact that everything is handled through SMS makes the site eminently usable. In the end, Daniel Gross (the programmer of Input Pipe) says it perfectly when he compares the site to “Google spreadsheets, just through SMS messages”.

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