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  • June 24, 2011

InnovaGeek.comPeople with big ideas way too often have trouble communicating them to the world in an understandable way. This also means that they are unable to find sponsors and people who would be willing to support them financially. After all, who is willing to back up a project that they could not understand? Well, InnovaGeek is a newly-launched resource that aims to put an end to that. We can term it a platform where people who have innovative technological projects can have them listed for all the world to see, comment and (hopefully) support. All of the featured projects are listed on a page of their own, in which they are minutely described by their creators. Both pictures and videos can be used to make everything more understandable to prospective collaborators.

And all of the projects that make up the site are tagged in multiple ways so that they can be found more easily later on. For example, they are tagged according to the countries they come from, to the stages they are on and to the job fields in question. In short: all that could make them more easily findable and associable.

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