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InnerVoice – Unique Handcrafted Spiritual Jewelry

  • October 3, 2008

Inner Voice Designs is a unique handcrafted spiritual jewelry design company that specializes in sterling silver rings and sterling silver pendants that was established by artist/designer Kelly Defernez. Kelly’s designs are a perfect fit the modern lifestyle that we all live today.

Whatever your life’s path, from Yoga and Meditation to New Age and Metaphysical, Inner Voice Designs has the perfect spiritual gift for you.

Far away from the boring routine and daily grind, these designs are for the people who are in love with life and cherish every minute that they are given. Kelly’s designs are unique in that the pieces are designed to be more than “just jewelry”, but are designed as extensions of your inner voice, awakening your consciousness, and connecting your body, mind, heart, and soul .

Modern jewelry designs just aren’t as creative as they should be, and Kelly is going to change all that with a little funk, some soul, and a whole lot of love. People are tired of seeing the same old jewelry. Crosses and diamonds just don’t cut it anymore. People want creativity and this online store is bringing it.

With technology expanding at a mind numbing pace and life going 100 mph we get caught up and dragged along. These designs are meant as a reminder to have some fun with life. Be happy and thankful, and enjoy everything that you are blessed with.

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