More – Looking Up Both Free & Paid eBooks

  • December 18, 2009

Inkmesh.comI think that eBooks are an acquired taste to those among us that grew up with print media. In actuality, it is a taste that might never be acquired – old habits truly die hard, and the fact that showing physical allegiance is always important to us as punters can not be obviated either.

Still, for those of you who are accustomed to eBooks (and for those who want to become accustomed with them) this new search portal will work satisfactorily enough. It will let you look up any title you are interested in, be it the latest instalment in the “Twilight” saga or Gibbon’s “Decline And Fall”.

Two buttons are actually provided besides the input box. They are labeled “Find eBooks” and “Find Fee eBooks” respectively, and I think being able to launch such searches straightaway is something intrinsically attractive. However, there are no other labels for refining a search and that might be a problem if you are looking for something which is not that widespread or classic as the examples that I used above to introduce the service. A list of subjects is thankfully provided, though.

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