More – A Site For Creating A Will

  • October 18, 2010

TheWillCreator.comI must admit that this site is quite original. True to its name, it will let you create a legal will as satisfactorily as if you were being personally assisted by a lawyer.

You will be able to take care of specifying your funeral instructions, determining who will inherit your property and who is going to be the legal guardian for your children… These are just some examples that are quite representative of the scope of this new service

The process in which a will is created is also something quite remarkable, as you will be able to have your will generated merely by filling out a questionnaire. When that has been taken care of, the will is going to be assembled and presented back to you so that you can proceed to print it. Then, it will be a mere matter of having it signed.

Of course, The Will Creator is a paid service. But it is cheaper than going to an actual lawyer. And what you are buying on this site is in fact a will package that includes a medical power of attorney along with a living will.

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Wealth Management In The UK –

  • October 9, 2009

Wealth Management In The UKMany companies in the United Kingdom are well known due to their expertise in relation to Wealth Management. No matter is you are a British or not, this is going to be a good blog where you can learn more about some innovative and personalized wealth management services you could be benefited with.

Among the many related topics you will find on this blog, it is everything about Inheritance Tax, with good advice about it, as well as detailed articles with data about pension review and transfers. There are different moments in one’s life when one might require some extra help in order to solve any wealth management matters and this blog lets you learn about an experienced company that will give you that beneficial service. Wealth Management In The UK

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More – Inheritance Trilogy Fan Site

  • May 6, 2008

Shurtugal.comIf you love the Inheritance Trilogy book and movies, this is the place to be. Shurtugal.

com is the largest and most comprehensive website on the subject providing news and information almost exclusively. The site contains up-to-date content that is offered in eight different languages so that Inheritance fans around the world can enjoy the site. Fans can find newsletters, articles on upcoming book releases, spoilers, book synopsis, summaries, and more. If you’re interested in the movie, you’ll find image galleries, movie information including trailers, cast and crew information, movie clips, soundtrack, and even tips and tricks to play the video game. At you can even learn how to speak the ancient language that the characters speak, the site provides a dictionary, pronunciation guide, and even memorable quotes. Interactive maps of the fictional Alagaësia, its history, visited locations and much more are also available and for those with a creative streak, a fan art section and a fan fiction section exist so you can share your talents with everyone.

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More – Post-mortem Mailing Service

  • February 16, 2008 is a service launched in 2006 that allows it users to set up an account for text and multimedia messages, which will be sent by e-mail to friends and family after they die.

In order to use their services, users have to pay a variable fee depending on how long before they die they create their accounts (individuals are billed yearly), select keyholders, who are the individuals that will be in charge of notifying the site of your death, and then start uploading stuff, like goodbye letters, special secrets, or any other piece of information that you want the people that are left behind to know. Interestingly, users can set up groups of recipients of letters, so that different people will have access to different material. Also, users can decide at which time after their death they want letters to be posted, which seems like quite convenient if, for instance, you want to say happy birthday or happy anniversary to a loved one.

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More – Preparing Today for Tomorrow

  • January 27, 2008 is a post-mortem IT company which allows users to generate an account and upload letters, images and videos to keep for posterity, so whether it is last words, your last message or your last wishes, you can keep them here so they can be opportunely viewed by the people you nominate.

When registering to use this service, users have to choose from a series of coverage plans (a complete product catalogue is available from the site), and provide the email addresses of those who will be allowed to look at the stored information, which builds up as an online memorial. When the account owner passes away, family or friends have to get in touch with, and only then the company releases the information, and alerts all the people that are scheduled to access the memorial. Interestingly, users can set their accounts in order to allow different recipients to access limited or restricted information, so that the online memorial can be visited by lots of different people, as opposed to generating different memorials for different people who can (or not) learn about more intimate and personal issues.

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