Ingrid Michaelson

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  • April 9, 2008“I listen to bands that don’t exist yet” is a kind of internet graffiti phenomenon, and in any case it’s probably the best way to define the attitude of indie music fans, who will have bragging privileges when the brand goes big, or stop listening to it altogether. If you belong to this last group, hurry up to visit this site, home for Ingrid Michaelson, a NY singer of indie denomination, who’s a killer startup herself, not so much her website, which seems to be a decluttered version of a MySpace profile.

In it you can learn what she’ll be up to in the future, where she’ll be singing, buy tickets for concerts, watch photos and interviews, read lyrics, but most importantly, listen to her music and find links to the iTunes store to buy the tracks individually, or you can also get her albums from CDBaby, an independent retailer of CDs which greatly benefits artists as it allows them to earn a better percentage of the cover price that they would if you bought it from any other regular retailer.

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