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New AI Assistant Cleo Makes Money Management Easy and Painless

  • March 1, 2018

It can be a pain to keep track of where your money is going, especially with the dozens of other tasks modern life requires – not to mention the lots of little purchases that add up when we’re not paying attention. And beyond that? Money management can get complicated, quick, and hiring someone to help you with it can be costly. Enter Cleo, the AI friend that looks after users’ money.
Cleo is an AI assistant who not only keeps an eye on your finances, but also puts you in control of it. Users get proactive, personalized information, flexible budgeting, and smart tracking across financial platforms. Cleo lives in Facebook Messenger like a friend, so users can ask about their money, any time, anywhere, and get an instant, tailored response.
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Born in early 2016 at Entrepreneur First, Europe’s leading accelerator for technical talent, Cleo’s goal is to build “the interface that simplifies finance for a generation.” It works by securely accessing users’ transaction data in read-only mode, using industry-leading financial security software. Cleo then scans users’ transaction history, categorizing and identifying trends in their spending, as well as also allowing them to view their balance, direct debits, and latest transactions, as well set budgets and watch their spending in specific categories.

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