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More – Online Marketing Campaigns

  • October 10, 2011

Acxiom.comOffering a variety of marketing services, helps companies conduct direct marketing through the use of analytics, data aggregation, consumer data, information technology, consulting solutions, and data integration. The interactive aspect of Acxiom services helps marketers achieve direct interaction with and even solicit responses from customers. Interactive services available through include display ads, web-site personalization, social media marketing, email, direct mail, and mobile advertising. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting described Acxiom as, “One of the biggest companies you’ve never heard of.”

Visitors to may choose their location: United States, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, New Zealand, Poland, or the U.K. The Acxiom website then provides a breakdown of their services: Marketing, Information Management, Risk Management Solutions, and Ideas & Innovation. Marketing professional may browse information on strategy and analytics, multichannel marketing, addressable advertising, and data and database management. IT execs can check out Acxiom’s cloud services, server hosting, and mainframe hosting options. Enterprises may access background screening and identity solutions through And when it comes to Ideas and Innovation, the Acxiom website provides self-assessment tools, an asset finder, videos, and event listings including upcoming conventions, advertising conferences, and symposiums.

For people interested in employment with Acxiom, the Career section of the website offers details about benefits of working for the company as well as a job search function with allows users to view available Acxiom jobs. Users may search for jobs by job number, keyword(s), job field, and / or job location. Users can create their own candidate profile, apply for open positions of add specific positions to their “job cart.” Job seekers may also contact Acxiom through a contact form provided on or by the phone number provided for the recruiting office.

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More – Manage School and Student Data

  • July 29, 2008 is a centralized management software system that manages students, classes, facilities, and much more. This downloadable tool offers numerous features to centralize and organize information on students and the school system.

The Student Demographics function keeps track of the characteristics of enrolled students. The Contact Information function keeps a complete database of student, parent, and emergency contact info. The Scheduling feature maintains a massive list of all students’ schedules and courses. Grading is kept in line with the Gradebook and Report Cards functions. Other key data, such as health records, attendance, and discipline records, can all be managed with OpenSIS as well. Furthermore, this student information system is free of charge. Users may try out and switch over to OpenSIS at no cost at all.

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More – Voice To Text and So Much More

  • March 20, 2008

KnowledgeShape.comKnowledgeShape’s tagline reads, “Transforming Information into Searchable Assets”. The Toronto-based company specializes in streamlining information.

Whether it be actual pen and ink, emails or even voice conversations, KnowledgeShape will take the information and convert it to searchable, indexed data. KnowledgeShape’s cutting edge, innovative technologies are perfect for use in legal transcription, reference material search, retail, EMR with wireless border, investigative jouralism, and the list goes on. The most appealing piece of KnowledgeShape’s technological tools is their speak to text conversion which allows a user to convert voice notes to searchable data. There are a number of useful tools available at reasonable rates. KnowledgeShape recently received $3 million in VC funding.

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