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Digestible Websites And Second Dates

Information. We absorb it over breakfast, inhale it during lunch, and devour it for dinner. By the time we’ve gotten to dessert, we simply cannot digest anymore. The next morning you´ll ask yourself, ¨What did I eat yesterday?¨then shrug, and continue on with your daily diet of (mostly) useless information.     But, on occasion, there are those very special dining experiences that we don´t quickly forget. The ones that...

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In The Information Diet Clay Johnson Discusses How To Waste Less Time Online

 Before you start reading this article, set up a little chart. The titles of that chart should say “Facebook,” “Texts,” “Twitter, “Email,” and then whatever other websites you usually have open on your browser. As you read this, make little check marks for every time you glance at one of those other media sources. Add categories if you need to and, if you’re anything like me, you’re going to need to.   I’m...

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