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In The Information Diet Clay Johnson Discusses How To Waste Less Time Online

  • April 3, 2012

 Before you start reading this article, set up a little chart. The titles of that chart should say “Facebook,” “Texts,” “Twitter, “Email,” and then whatever other websites you usually have open on your browser. As you read this, make little check marks for every time you glance at one of those other media sources. Add categories if you need to and, if you’re anything like me, you’re going to need to.
I’m making this weird request because in the time it took me to research this article I became conscious of how often I stray from what I’m supposed to be focusing on and into the land of media nonsense consumption. Even as I wrote that sentence my eyes drifted to the top of my browser to see if I had any new notifications on Gmail or Facebook.
Alright, browser minimized, word document full screen. Hopefully now I can focus enough to tell you about a method you can use to break the distraction habit. It’s called The Information Diet and it was invented by a guy named Clay Johnson, who also happens to be the founder of Big Window Labs and Blue State Digital.
Johnson is quick to point out that the name “Information Diet” was a very conscious choice. Most everyone is familiar with the idea of going on a diet to lose weight and what he has essentially come up with in this idea of an information diet is a way for your brain to “lose weight” and become healthier.

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