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Leaders Are About To Make The Same Mistake: How You Can Avoid It

Leaders Are About To Make The Same Mistake: How You Can Avoid It

The Federal Reserve’s plan to shock the economy and break the cycle of inflation will work. However, this correction will produce significant pain for businesses and consumers alike. Many leaders (in every quarter) will be keen to avoid making a serious mistake. There will be steep budget cuts, expansive job losses, and a surge of bankruptcies across industries. Stocks will continue their rapid descent, destroying savings in the...

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One of the most important themes in the entire world is the economy. During the world’s history, countries had fought in wars, and they still do. The cause of those wars was and is always about territory, power; in simple words, the cause was always about money. Therefore, it is clear that the countries economies are very important themes for everyone in the whole world. This web site contains information about a very important theme...

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This blog-like site is a recently established resource for information, opinion, comparison and research on topics like basic economics, with links to the most authoritative news source on inflation, bank rates, financial aid and so on. The most interesting area of the site, however, is the direct advice and insight it provides on rather obscure topics like the advantages of flexible rates over fixed ones and applying for mortgage if...

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