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  • June 2, 2008

Mylicon.comDo you have a newborn? Are you waking up every night to keep your baby from crying? Does your baby cry constantly during the night? If your child is crying non stop then maybe they’re suffering from gas problems. The fact is that 3 out of 4 babies experience painful infant gas; even newborns can experience such gases.

What can you do to check up on your baby’s health? The best option is taking him or her to your local General Practitioner. If the local General Practitioner does find that your baby suffers from infant gas then keep this word in mind: Mylicon. What is Mylicon? Mylicon is the best remedy for infant’s gas. Mylicon provides instant relief for babies that are suffering from terrible gas pains. If you want to make sure you sleep well and your baby doesn’t suffer from terrible gas pains, make sure you learn all about the Mylicon brand and the benefits it will bring to you on

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