More – Receiving Honest Feedback & Opinions

  • July 20, 2010

INeedTruth.comWhen we are working on something like our very own book or a painting and we need an honest opinion, our friends are the last people we should turn to. They often have no idea, and they feel the need to tell us how great our work is because they want to be supportive.

No, what we need to do in these cases is to head to the I Need Truth website and be prepared for true criticism to come our way.

The site will enable anybody to upload what he is working on and have it commented and voted upon by other members of the online community. And once you have become a registered user of the site (or logged in using Facebook Connect – it is the same) you will be capable of commenting on what others have uploaded.

The site is made up of categories such as “Art”, “Fashion” and “Idea/Product”. They all see the same degree of activity and if you have something that you need evaluated this website will do, no doubts about it.

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