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  • June 2, 2010

INeedABargain.comI Need A Bargain is an aggregator of offers and discounts that are found on the blogosphere. The basic premise of the site is bringing such information together while linking back to the original blogs.

That is actually one of the main differences that this has with other sites that groups bargains together – on this site, the information is not decontextualized in any sense, and the blogger actually benefits directly from being listed here. People are always driven to the original source.

Leaving that particularity aside, the site offers no real departures – the latest additions to the catalog are listed on the main page, and you can use a search functionality if you are looking for something that is nowhere to be found on first looks. But this search tool should be more elaborate, specially if we consider that (for reasons unknown) the site has no list of categories to talk about. That is a bit disconcerting, really, and the one thing that should be dealt with for I Need A Bargain to start having a more realized presence.

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