More – An Easy Way To Create A Site

  • May 24, 2010

Indigloo.comIndigloo is one of these free tools that let people who are not technically-minded have their very own sites. This is accomplished by providing them with an online editor that dispenses with having to type code or anything like that.

The websites that can be created in this way can include media such as images and videos, and content such as maps can also be featured. Moreover, these sites can be monetized by including adsense ads.

Note that a website created through Indigloo can take more shapes than one, as you can create online stores as instantly as sites playing out an informative role. That is, if you want to sell your own products online you can do it, and getting the site ready is not harder than coming up with a repository of information about astronomy or your own take on the finale of “Lost”

Beside, the fact that these sites can include as much pages as you want certainly gives them some much needed flexibility. You can keep things as detailed as you wish, not to mention that having multiple pages will give you a better chance to place more ads.

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