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  • July 20, 2011

IndieAisle.comThe Internet has shattered the hegemony of publishing houses in the same way that it has fragmented the dominance of media empires all over the world. The truth remains that people today look online for information, and also for ways of satisfying their lifelong ambitions and aspirations. They know the Internet provides everybody with alternate ways for doing these things that were previously done ploddingly, and by spending great amounts of stamina and money.

Take publishing a book, for example. That was something which used to demand a lot of time and money. It used to. Things have changed. Now that we have services like Indie Aisle around, just anybody can have his creative work reach the hands of others.

This web-platform enables people to get their stories converted to standard eBook formats, and then distribute them to a global audience in the provided marketplace. People can decide how much they want to charge for their eBooks, and by using a plug-in they will actually be able to sell their titles from their own sites. Plus, all the necessary tools for promoting what is being sold are provided on the site. Indie Aisle can guide young authors at every step of the process.

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