More – Collecting Together Indian Tweets

  • April 8, 2010

IndiaTweetz.comA site that collects together Indian tweets. Why not? I mean, India is one of the technological markets bar none, so a lot is obviously said there about the state of the Internet.

Besides, India has always been a privileged destination for tourists from all over the world, so a lot of people would be glad to have a ready chance to learn about (and join in) these conversations that take place on the Twitterverse.

As you can imagine, this site lets you order the tweets by category. These include not only “Travel” and “Technology” but also “Politics” and “Business”. And you can always check the one named “Headlines” in order to learn more about the most notable recent developments.

Besides, both “Bollywood” and “Cricket” categories are provided for those who are interested in the world of entertainment. And if you actually live in India yourself you will find the category named “Jobs” incredibly useful.

As you can see, the site aggregates enough content to be of interest to both people located in India and to people who reside elsewhere and who are interested in the culture of the country. If either definition applies to you, paying it a visit won’t go amiss at all.

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