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  • May 15, 2008 is an educational website strated by a group of students and targetting the students in India.

The key attraction of this site is, it offers lot of social networking features where members can collaborate with other students from various colleges, schools and universities. The social networking feature helps them solve their academic features quick and easier with the help of their online friends. is the only educational social networking site in India at this time. Within 1 year of launch, this site has grown to one of the most visited educational websites in India.

IndiaStudyChannel shares 90% of the Google AdSense revenue to the contributing members. There are several websites which rotate member’s AdSense account in the websites to share a small portion of the revenue. is one of the few Indian websites approved by Google for their AdSense revenue sharing program using the AdSense APIs. In this method, Google directly handles dividing the revenue and sending the member’s portion directly to them.

In addition to the Google AdSense revenue sharing program, directly pays members for sharing their educational material like their old university question papers, academic projects etc. This is an exciting opportunity for Indian students to make some money during their free time.

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