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  • September 17, 2007

atOnePlace.comIf you’re looking to invest in some overseas properties, but are disheartened and discouraged by your geographical disadvantage, atOnePlace might be able to help you out. This newly-launched remote real-estate search engine lets you search for or list properties, even if you’re a hemisphere away from the pending transaction.

Currently, the site is only operative in India, but expansion plans are already underway. Essentially, atOnePlace functions like any other real-estate search engine; you sign up, plug in your requirements. However, instead of generating a list of compatible properties, atOnePlace analyzes this information and puts you in touch with a personal “Account Executive” who gathers your requirements and gives you updates about potential real estate matches. Together, you work with your remote assistant to hunt down the perfect property. When you’re ready to purchase, atOnePlace will walk you through the process of international real-estate purchase, putting you in direct contact with the seller, sending you email updates, and helping you out with wire transfers.

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