More – Make Your Blog Searchable

  • May 24, 2011

TapirGo.comTapir is a new web service for those who have a blog made out of static pages, and who want to turn it into something at least more dynamic. Well, Tapir will let them do that by adding a search engine to it.

The way Tapir works is certainly commendable, as it will let them do such a thing quickly, easily and at just no cost. All that the person has to do is to supply the URL of his blog for a token to be returned. This token can then be used with the Tapir API in order to have a search box deployed into the blog.

That will be it. All the content that you post to your blog from that point onwards will be indexed every 15 minutes. And old articles will also be indexed, and become findable by your every visitor. That is, provided such articles are included on your RSS feed. If they are not there, then Tapir has no way of indexing them. But leaving that aside, the application is flawless in terms of overall execution.

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More – Learn When Google Indexes Your Site

  • January 5, 2011

IndexPing.comBeing indexed by Google is the first small victory for any webmaster that is hoping to leave his mark. The moment that happens, he is able to start optimising his site to the best of his capacity. And nobody needs to be a genius to figure out how to draw a couple more visitors in. But the optimization itself can only begin in earnest when the site has been indexed by Google, and not a minute before.

That is why a tool like Index Ping is interesting in itself. Basically, it can keep a close watch on any site, and inform the webmaster when it has been indexed by Google. Such notifications are served via email, right when the indexation has been confirmed (Index Ping monitors sites every 30 minutes).

Index Ping is a paid service. But you can have it monitor two different sites of yours at just no cost, and test the accuracy and speed of the whole platform firsthand.

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More – All About Real Time Events

  • September 14, 2010

LiveMatrix.comLive Matrix aims to become the ultimate directory for all these events that take place in real time on the World Wide Web. Conferences, auctions, gaming tournaments, streaming videocasts…

As a user of the site, you will be able to RSVP to any event that you are keen on “attending”, and you will be reminded about it all when the time comes so that you don’t miss it.

Moreover, if you are holding an event of your own then you will be pleased to know that you will be able to promote it through the site. Such a task is made incredibly smoother by letting you create widgets for the event that can then be pasted on your own site or blog.

As a project, Live Matrix is quite interesting. Nobody has tried to do something like this before, and the reason why is entirely obvious: there is so much information to handle and index that it all seems a nigh-impossible task. Live Matrix has already had an auspicious launch, and it might just prove all the nay-sayers wrong.

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More – Search The Web In An Indexed Way

  • March 29, 2010

Yimmiy.comYimmiy is a brand-new search tool. It doesn’t necessarily provide a radically different experience from what we are used to expect from sites like Google or Bing, but it is practical in its very own way.

Essentially, the site will enable you to carry a search for any kind of data, and have the results indexed by color for easier reference. That is, you have to check the relevant box from the ones reading “Web”, “Images”, “Videos”, “News”, “RSS” and “18+” and each of these categories has a color associated to it by default. The results will consequently be indexed for easier reference.

The above means that on this site you will be able to sift through search results in a different way – I don’t know if calling it a “better” search engine is warranted. Probably not. It will be more or less supple according to each user, and I advice you to station your browser at in order to give it a try yourself and determining where does its stand for you. I don’t think anybody would trade his favorite search engine for this, but having alternatives does never go amiss.

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More – Real Time Search

  • July 18, 2009 is an interesting solution that can be defined as a search engine you can use in order to find information about many matters in real time. One thing that makes this solution different to Google and other search engines, is the fact that it gives you a wide number of results with the latest publications about a variety of topics.

In case you want to know which the latest trends on Twitter are, as well as the latest comments recently posted on different blogs, this is the right site for you to take a look at. On this site you will also find data form Technorati, YouTube, Twitter and FriendFeed. In this way you will have the chance to slowly increase your number of sources.

As you already know, one inconvenient you face with Google and other search engines is the fact that sometimes you experience long delays after any content is indexed and you want it to be displayed right away. This search engine seems to be a solution to that.

Itpints searches only for the content you are looking for at the time you do the search, and not through a list of already indexed tags. In case you want to learn more about this site feel free to give it a visit at

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More – Impartial Web Hosting Comparison

  • March 31, 2009

HostMonk.comThis website stands as a simple and effective way to compare different hosting services on the web today. This site was created by a group of professionals that are specialized in IT and that already know the many benefits a service like this entails.

In case you want to choose your own hosting service and weigh up as many aspects as you can, this site gives you a good chance to do that. You need to know all the details about the service you are getting and not just get a service because that company has bought the largest banners in order to get your attention. This is about inner quality and not the package.

This company gives you all the information you need about all the providers in the market that are specialized in hosting services. The aim is to give you the resources to make a better-informed decision.

The way this system works is very simple. searches through a huge number of hosting packages to find the ones that are closer to your individual needs, and get the best deal for your budget.

In case you decide to get this company’s services you can feel free to open this online portal at and start comparing and contrasting.

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More – Hungarian Index

  • March 5, 2009

Index.huHungary is an interesting country. If you want to know about this beautiful country and its culture, this online resource will be a very good option for you.

This site works as an extensive index, where you can find every single piece of information you need from any part of the world.

There is a section where you can get all the news from Hungary, plus many options related to investments, TV programs, and traveling, as well as an online bookstore, etc. If you want to participate on the site’s forum, you just need to click on the corresponding button.

When it comes to international news, this site offers a very extensive variety of news from places like Gaza, Kosovo, or the United States, in addition to Europe and the rest of the world. In case you want to learn more about Economy, this website gives you the possibility to know more about real state, and finances, as well as foreign exchange, in addition to many other very convenient topics.

There are other sections related to technology and science, as well as sports, etc. You can get all this information in a very straightforward way. In order to do that you just need to open this online portal at

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More – A New Search Engine Arrives

  • February 12, 2009

Sagoon.comWhile it is evident that coming up with a new search engine is not really the most sound business proposition owing to the standing of giants that have been around ever since the early days, nothing can keep some from trying. And it is nice to see new endeavors such as this one come along and try to inject some vitality into the process.

In general terms, Sagoon is a search service that uses its own custom-built spider and a specifically-developed artificial intelligence technology to provide users with high quality contents. Whenever a search is carried out, you can choose the category itself from the prototypical ones like “Web”, “News” and “Video”, whereas two named “Directory” and “Classifieds” are likewise included. The site yields results in a very timely manner, and according to what you looked for different tabs will be displayed. For instance, if you look up “Microsoft” tabs reading “Microsoft Office” and “Microsoft Updates” are displayed.

The team is working hard to implement both semantic search and natural language processing, in a bid to take off and establish full flight. Its strategy is to promote services based on the needs of the user, and create something akin to a fraternity both for business clients and users. Hence its name, derived from a Sanskrit word that means auspicious or ushering good results. Try the site for yourself and see whether you find that description accurate or not.

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IRCDig.Com – Xdcc Search Engine

  • February 5, 2009

IRCDig.ComAre you looking for free movies to download? Enter this site and find the media files you want to download. IRCDig.Com is a search engine you can use to find XDCC packs. The XDCC is an alternative for P2P sites, so you can get XDCC packets by using IRC servers.

In case you want to download files without P2P servers, enter this site. IRCDig.Com allows you to search for XDCC packets from IRC servers. You just have to type in the XDCC you need to get the results you want. Then, if you are searching for music and want to download it by using more bandwidth, you can try this site out.

When it comes to finding IRC and XDCC servers, this site might be a useful solution for you to consider. If you enter IRCDig.Com, you will find a search engine you can use to get access to XDCC packages, so you can stop searching for music on traditional P2P networks. IRCDig.Com

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More – Search Through Delicious Content

  • August 18, 2008

Delizzy.comI though that every time you searched your del.icio.

us bookmarks, the search included an article’s text. Well, I was wrong. Every time you search for something on, you’re only searching through titles, tags, and descriptions, not content. Luckily, is here to change that. Through the site, you’ll be able to search through your bookmarks’ content. This will allow you to search for keywords you remember from an article, without having to remember the exact title. This should be good for people that store articles they want to quote on Having the ability to search for content makes this site a lot more useful than the current search engine. To get started, all you have to is tell the site your account information and you’ll be able to instantly search through your content. The service is currently free, but there is a poll asking users about a possible lifetime membership, which could be in effect soon.

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iGlue – Putting The Internet Back Together

  • July 30, 2008

iGlueiGlue recognizes words, phases, names, geographic locations, etc. in text based web pages and provides encyclopedic knowledge on them with a single click without the need to leave the page.

iGlue is an interlinked, cross connected multi dimensional database. It is also community buildable. Think of it as Wikipedia knowledge without having to go to WIkipedia’s website. iGlue has the capability to link together related text strings like Lego blocks. This will allow you to quickly build a database of information that you find interesting. On the site, you will be able to test the first functional demo of the indexer. This will allow you to test out for yourself the many advantages of having the program work for you. The information is displayed like a map, allowing you to quickly browse through related content seamlessly. Take into account that this is the first demo, thus it should get better as time progresses.

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More – Everything For Your Buicks

  • July 25, 2008

Buicks.netIf you’ve been looking for parts for your Buick without any success, you should check out this site. At buicks.

net you will see tons of parts for your vehicle at a very good price. In addition to their great inventory, they also feature some events for Buick’s enthusiasts. Furthermore, they have a club event, as well as a calendar for the upcoming happenings. And, in case you want to talk Buick-related topics or discuss with like-minded people, take a look at the Buick tech talk. At the web site you can also buy books that can help you out restoring your auto. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links on top, like web board, shop, links, etc. At the left side of the webpage there is a chart containing a year index. This latter range from the 50’s to the 79’s. When you visit the site, don’t forget to check the classifieds.

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More – Software Company Index

  • July 24, 2008 provides marketing services to software developers.

Furthermore, their aim is to help them in promoting their software products through the web. They are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Among the marketing services they offer there is software protection and activation, software promotion and distribution, software marketing business directory, virtual office and mail forwarding, etc. In addition, they also create CD-on-demand. From their web site you can browse through their directory and look for software manufacturers. Some of this latter are: Geovid, Information Packaging, Object Planet, Astro Gemini Software, Oxygen Software, Belgsoft, Division Software, Bitrix, DeskShare, Fastream Technologies, tM Services, Trisnap Technologies, Technology Lighthouse, Torrent Buster, Videocharge Software, just to mention a few. There is a large company index, of over twenty thousands of software companies. On the top of the webpage there are diverse links, such as: software, freeware, backup soft, CDR backup, site software, SPC software, etc.

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More – Canadian Trade Index

  • July 23, 2008

CtiDirectory.comThis is the online home of the Canadian Trade Index, a MacRAE’s industrial directory. It’s an institution with over a century of existence which aims to promote the interest of Canadian industry, commerce, and foreign trade.

The Index has accomplished the objective of transforming Canada’s image as a supplier of raw materials to one that manufactured finished products of high quality. It is part of one of the country’s leading information publishers for business and professional customers. Therefore, when companies are looking for quality, reliable information, they turn to this site; this source of information provides distinct services to some of the most detailed business information available, covering Canada, the U.S and Mexico. At this site you’ll be able to access an immense directory of most varied classifieds, as well as advertise with the site by clicking the links at the top of the homepage, where you will also find the site’s search engine.

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More – Wisconsin Vacation Destinations

  • July 15, 2008

WisVacations.comWhoever said that directories are old fashioned and useless is operating under a misconception: themed directories are actually popping up all over the place (Alexa is building it’s with the help of its users) and they are very useful (take a look at Mahalo, for instance). Granted that WisVacations.

com is as far away from Mahalo as we are from cracking the mystery of whether hens or eggs came first, but it performs basically the same functions: you can use it to search for accommodation facilities in different segments ranging from campgrounds and Bed & Breakfasts to private rentals and hotels, and you’ll get links to the sites for each facility, plus you can search interactive maps as well. I was excited to see that users can look up accommodation by area or by category, which in turn makes it a great resource if you’re hosting a wedding or event in a remote location and want to give your guests some accommodation options. There are several points of improvement for one of them is clearly web 2.0 and design, which needs to be upgraded to make the site’s useful contents attractive and appealing. The former needs to be serviced by allowing users at least to send links of interest to other people, and preferably to be able to send several links in one email. It would be wonderful to get a line or two on the kind of service and interest of certain accommodation, and to get some form of highlight to make it easier for non-locals to get around in the site.

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More – Michigan Labor Market Information

  • July 14, 2008 is a site appealing to a large audience: policy makers, business people, employers, educators, researchers, and those who insist that the grass is greener over the fence and into Michigan.

In it you’ll find official statistics and report data on employment trends, salaries in diverse industries and businesses, and also about labor shortage. Michigan’s county and region-specific data can also be read online. The information is very extensive and diverse, which is why the tour to be found in the site is so helpful: it will allow users to discover different polls, census, indexes and other statistic instruments, what and how they measure and what they are usually used to describe. Once you’re familiarized with the different sources, you’re probably best advised to create an account with the site (for free), and start bookmarking your favorites, which will definitely make it easier to produce a report or get quick access to information you check periodically. A career center is also featured, and it allows users to better understand the state’s job market needs and strengths, and also to post their CV in order to allow businesses and recruiters to get in touch with local talent. In short, the site is very user friendly and is full of useful information: I’d be happy to see how my tax-money is being spent if I were to be paying them in Michigan.

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More – Search Engine And Directory

  • July 8, 2008

BuyersIndex.wsOnline since 1996, this veteran of directories is still standing and in good health. Buyer’s Index is a directory of eCommerce sites of the most diverse interest, and although quite outdated in terms of design, it is fully functional and extremely useful as well.

Unlike most of its contemporaries, it has added a very comprehensive and refined search engine to the categories, which can still be browsed at the user’s convenience. Interestingly, not only does this directory list the wholesale and retail eCommerce sites, but it also attaches a small description, date of web launch, where the site ships from and whether it is local or international orders they accept, plus it provides links to some of the most trusted sources of merchant reliability, namely BizRate and PublicEye whenever these consultants have available information on the site. Also very convenient about using this site as a research tool is the fact that it will present information on whether the site belongs to a merchant, or to an individual owner, and also on whether a print catalogue is offered by the site. If you are looking for information on getting listed in the Buyer’s Index, you’ll have to mail them directly, as the link providing such vital information is broken.

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More – Where College Search Begins

  • July 8, 2008

AnyCollege.comFinding a college or university has just become the easiest thing ever thanks to, a searchable index including 5,000+ colleges and universities across the country.

Their search features are very flexible and let you easily locate colleges by state, study field, tuition modality (on-campus or distance learning), type (2 or 4-year), sports and religion. The search results usually don’t include much information other than links to the college/university’s site, and some quick information for the institution of choice, like a video presentation, an overview of demographics, student-teacher ratio, tuition costs, and information on whether you can apply online. This seems okay, but it would be nice to get links pointing to operative information, like driving directions, nearby hotels or maybe to some form of educational assessment or ranking. It seems that users will be able to bookmark their favorite schools in the near future, and automatically send further information requests to manage through the site, but for the time being no selection or log in options are to be seen. Also very interesting about is that students and parents can also use it to find information about financial aid and scholarships, plus a resources area is also featured; under this tag, users will find help to understand their career choices better, a timeline of things to get ready before, during and after applying for a place in a program, and other very useful links.

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More – Inspection and Nondestructive Testing

  • July 7, 2008

NDT.orgAnd the acronym trivia of the day is that NDT or Nondestructive Testing is the technical name used to describe diagnostic methods used to determine whether a living (or not) structure is functioning properly; it is usually applied to the industrial field, and there are people and whole companies who do this kind of job. Both groups sum up the target audience of this site, which is a directory cum job board for the NDT market, as users can submit company profiles to be included in the index of business, post job openings, upload their résumé to be featured in the website, or take a look at the industry news, which cover everything from latest scientific news to companies whose methods have been approved by authorities and even what market leaders have launched a new website, though unfortunately the news are based on press releases and not much original reporting.

You can get in touch with the buzz by creating an account in the site and joining one of the several forums, which deal with the sub-types of non destructive testing in different areas of interest, like fluid leakage or acoustic emission.

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More – Research Genealogy

  • July 6, 2008

Carolyar.comOnline since 1997, this site is a really impressive database of genealogy and ancestry data, resources, documents and other materials of interest in text format (as transcripts and not images). It deals with variations of the surname Standerfer and keeps track of records from around the country, some compiled by the site owner, some contributed by users, and in all cases there’s a brief biography of each family member, and their slaves too, so the site can also be of help for African-Americans researching their lineage.

Not only are all these valuable resources free to use in your research, but you can also use the ‘Queries’ area to post a question or ask for the help of other site users in order to locate a specific ancestor, document or piece of information you might be missing, and also to get in touch with other researchers working with the Standerfer family, or with genealogy in a state your might be interested in. It could be a really interesting idea to upgrade the site’s design to a more web 2.0-looking and working platform, as this would allow users to bookmark favorite pages, send them to other people, make comment or upload media. I wonder if they can consider it…

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