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  • April 1, 2008

GoGooligans.comSurfing the web is fun and there is a great deal of dynamic and educational content available. The internet can be a great educational tool but the reality is that there is a lot of inappropriate content as well.

I remember once I was searching for photos of great white sharks and my results were definitely not what I was looking for. GoGooligans is a child friendly search engine that contains content that is appropriate for kids. GoGooligans takes filtering seriously and covers all of the bases. GoGooligans has a 7 step filtering process so that users can feel good about letting their children explore on the search engine. GoGooligans uses filtering technology such as a “Submit Filter” which catches inappropriate words before they are searched. Google keyword technology can also target child geared content. In addition to the Google SafeSearch Filter which is always on and protecting the search engine, 28 sexual and racial keywords that are not included in the Google SafeSearch Filter are filtered out. GoGooligans includes other safety features such as recording IP addresses so that children will not look for inappropriate material because they know they are being watched. Make the internet a safe and educational place for your child by having them use GoGooligans.

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