In-video spaces

More – A New Form Of Video Advertising

  • January 27, 2009

Innovid.comPresented by an Israeli company, this initiative has the objective of engaging viewers in a different way by integrating brand advertising into video content, immersing viewers into an interactive experience. This approach goes by the name of “In-video Spaces”, and the mechanics of such a system entail employing untouched space within the video itself and turning it into ad space for monetizing video contents.

A platform for measuring audience engagement is also part of the whole package, and it can yield time-based reports that showcase the degree of success the campaign itself is having. This way, if anything goes amiss you can set about rectifying it on the spot.

The way online videos can be monetized has been on the minds of both advertisers and publishers for a long, long time. This solution represents a considerable step forwards, and it is safe to say that more than a fair share of individuals are bound to appreciate such a seamless approach to online advertising. If you think you are one of them, you can get started by visiting the site right now and watching the provided demonstrations. They get the point across splendidly.

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