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  • May 14, 2008

Myguitarsolo.comOne of the undisputed qualities of the guitar is its versatility. This can be explained taking various aspects into consideration, but the one that is always bound to stand out is that a guitar can be played without being able to read music.

What’s more, alternative systems have been designed in order to represent what would be traditionally portrayed via sheet music. Tablatures or “Tab” files are extremely popular among guitar players all over the world, and the system itself is truly universal, as there are no discrepancies between the systems that are used in different parts of the world to read tablatures. Bearing all this in mind, the ever-increasing number of guitar online resources comes as no surprise. If you are a guitar player, you should consider giving the My Guitar Solo website a look. It features guitar chops and lick to set you going, along with a schedule for studying guitar. Guitar warm-ups lessons are also provided, as well as improvisation tips. Lasty, there is thorough information on guitar techniques and scales.

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More – Causing Scenes

  • March 18, 2008

ImprovEverywhere.comWhat would you think if you were hanging out at your local mall and all of a sudden some of the people stop having their meals and start dancing together as if they were on a musical? Is it a new hit from the New Radicals? Not quite, those guys haven’t done anything since 1999. Chances are you are being part of one of the ImprovEverywhere scenes.

This New York-based collective of actors and volunteers are set out and about to generate scenes of chaos and joy in public places; in order to do this, they require something from 5 to 200 ‘agents’ or undercover volunteers. The idea is that the happenings have to look spontaneous to the rest of the people, so that they are secretly taped and then posted on the site. By visiting, you can learn about the latest projects and also take a look at other happenings that have happened in the past; you can find videos, pictures and a detailed explanation of what they did, how they managed to stage it and lots of comments on how people reacted. If you live outside NY or even outside of the US, make sure to check out the ‘global’ area to find the group from your city and start spreading the scenes around the world.

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