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  • September 8, 2011

SaneBox.comThere’s more than a good couple of ways to deal with email fatigue (see Baydin or OtherInbox for two good examples), but that doesn’t mean everybody has already found a cure to spam-targeted inboxes. No, there are people who’re still looking for a solution that could let them open their inboxes without fearing the worst. And this new service might as well be what they’ve been hoping for.

SaneBox is an intelligent email organizer that can take care of separating these emails that should be dealt with immediately from the ones that are not really that important. The former stay in your inbox, and the latter go into a specifically-designed folder (the SaneLater folder). SaneBox does that automatically, but if you have the time you can actually train the system yourself. In any case, it must be pointed that SaneBox doesn’t read the emails that you receive – your privacy won’t ever be compromised.

SaneBox is a paid service, with you being able to sign for monthly, yearly and bi-yearly plans. They cost $4.95, $55 and $100 respectively.

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