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More – Importing Contacts From Over The Web

  • January 15, 2009

OpenInviter.comIf importing your contacts from social services and e-mail providers and integrating them is your main concern right now, a visit to this site might just sort you out. Generally speaking, Open Inviter is a script for the importing of contacts that does not use any third party gateway to do is job, and which is available at no cost whatsoever.

From a technical viewpoint, it is written in PHP 5, and it is theoretically capable of running on any webserver.

Some of the supported social services include Plaxo, Tagged, and Vimeo in addition to the ones that were obviously going to be supported such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace. For its part, e-mail providers that are accounted for include Yahoo, Live/Hotmail, AOL and GMail among several others.

This self-hosted viral tool is available in different packages, all of which can be procured at the site instantly and for free. Every package includes the Open Inviter Base and the different plug-ins to go with it. The plug-ins can also be downloaded individually for update purposes. In any case, OpenInviter can be up and running in a matter of minutes as the installation process is a simple one, so that if you want to give it a spin for yourself you can do so easily.

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