More – Visual Impairment Solutions

  • June 30, 2008

Freedomscientific.comFirst established in the year 2000, Freedom Scientific is a purveyor of technology-based solutions for individuals with visual impairments. Its website can be reached at FreedomScientific.

com, and in it provides the visitor with a thorough description of the available products in addition to an overview of the company, its history and its goals. The featured products are grouped into three different categories, namely “Blindness Products”, “Low Vision Products” and “Learning System Products”. These can be accessed from the main navigation menu, and when clicking on a specific item a detailed description is produced. In most cases a data sheet can be downloaded as a PDF file and read offline. Other section of the website that merits a mention includes the one entitled “Support”, which allows customers to place online orders. A vendor locator is featured therein as well. For its part, a page that goes by the name of “Vision Loss Facts” collects a wide range of materials on said issue, and acts as an effective online resource for those who have to deal with such a condition.

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More – A Community for the Disabled

  • February 20, 2008

Disabled-World.comA community for Disabled people around the globe, this Montreal-based site is the ultimate guide to news, articles and anything related to short and long term disabilities. The site presents lots of useful information and features, like classifieds, dating services and games, plus very useful tips to lead a comfortable and fulfilling daily life, like how to adapt your computer desk to fit in a wheelchair, how to make your computer display stuff in larger print, or how to use hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts.

At users will also be able to find an eCommerce section from where they can get lots of gadgets to help them go around the house, garden or car much more comfortably; take a look at this section if you are looking for doorknobs, keyholders and ring pens that have been specially developed or adapted to help people with different body impairments accomplish regular tasks with no inconvenience at all. In the forums and chat areas, users will be able to meet new friends or lovers, and enjoy community support while sharing their experiences.

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