More – Like IMDB For Indian Movies

  • December 27, 2010

iMovieHall.comSimply put, this site is the direct equivalent of the Internet Movie Database for Indian films. Nothing else is discussed or analyzed on this website.

Users of iMovieHall can sign up for free, personalize their accounts and then begin interacting with others based on these movies that they either love or hate. They will be able to make lots of new acquaintances along the way – people with whom they will be able to relive their favorite scenes, and also with whom to debate about the merits of Indian cinema on the whole.

The following six geographical categories are provided: Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali. And you can see the top ten films for each of these categories on the homepage, too. Plus, the newest forum entries are highlighted for you to know what your newfound friends have been doing ever since you last checked the site out. In this way, remaining on top of these discussions that have a degree of poignancy to you is far easier.

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