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  • July 8, 2008

FlickFilosopher.comNothing to do with Yahoo’s Flickr here, but with the slightly aging use of the term ‘Flick’ to refer to a movie: is of course home for one of the most relevant movie critique/review blogs around, kept by the much controversial MaryAnn Johanson, who is just as picky and partial as your average blogger, only is open and clear about her bias.

She writes about mainstream and commercial releases for kids and adults that have made the theaters and DVD stores, but also writes about writers, directors, photography directors, actors, film companies, movies in airplanes, IMBD and basically anything that moves in film or is related to it; she does keep away from gossip, thankfully, so the blog is great when trying to find something to watch without having to learn who did who, which is always unnecessary information (at least in my opinion, that is). Movies get ranked according to a three-colour scheme tributary of the transportation system, where red stands for ‘miss it’, yellow for ‘wait for the DVD’ and green for ‘see it’.

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